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Friday, May 12, 2006

[Bernama: Two bigfoot books in progress]

Bernama (Malaysia National News Agency)

Two Books Containing Pictures Of 'Bigfoot' Being Written

JOHOR BAHARU, May 13 (Bernama) -- Two books containing colour pictures of "Bigfoot" or Orang Lenggor and written by separate groups will be published in a few months in an attempt to prove the existence of the creature which has created worldwide interest.

Biodiversity expert Vincent Chow, who is writing one of the books with two others, said their book would answer questions about the elusive creature.

"It resembles a pre-historic human, not ape," he told Bernama on Friday.

"The body is covered by a layer of long hair except on the face, which is bare. It has a fierce-looking face, big body and walks with a hunch. It resembles a sturdy man," he added.

He said the book would shake the scientific world and the thinking of conventional scientists.

Chow said that from the pictures he had seen, the creature had probably lived in solitude for thousands of years without being detected.

When asked where and when the pictures were taken, he said he did not know but he was sure they were taken in a Johor forest.

He said the owner of the pictures was an elderly man who refused to reveal his identity and had left for Thailand recently to escape from possible harassment.

"From what we know, he is a former communist guerilla who spent a long time in the jungle," he said.

The owner had asked for the creature not to be disturbed and considered it a treasure of Johor which needed to be protected, he said.

Chow said the book would prove that the creature existed but it might not be able to satisfy the skeptics.

"They will say the pictures are phony and will believe it only if they were to touch it, smell its odour and so on," he said.

A Johor Wildlife Protection Association officer told Bernama that the association also planned to launch a book written in Chinese in July on the creature it calls Orang Lenggor.

"Yes, the book will have pictures as evidence of Orang Lenggor's existence. We are sure all along that the creature exists and the pictures will prove it," he said.


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Bernama is the Malaysian National News Agency

BFRO Commentary:

Assumably this means that no big expedition will happen in May.

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