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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

[BFRO promotes Malaysia toursim]

By R. Sittamparam
New Straits Times

JOHOR BARU: The growing global interest in the Johor Bigfoot phenomenon has helped uncover Malaysia's hidden appeal as a premier eco-tourism destination.

While the State Government and tourism industry are cautious about capitalising on the phenomenon, an international organisation has taken the liberty to introduce Malaysia as an eco-tourism destination.

The United States-based Bigfoot Research Organisation, which has a main page posting titled "Malaysian Government Investigates Sightings", recently included an article, "Introducing Malaysia".

The informative article beckons those who read it to visit Malaysia and enjoy its natural sights.

"Vacationing in Malaysia is as inexpensive as Thailand, and it has better infrastructure, and cleaner drinking water, and was relatively undamaged by the tsunami compared to neighbouring countries, it said.

Bibliographical Information:

The New Straits Times was founded in 1845. The NST is the oldest newspaper in Asia. It was the first newspaper service to report on the giant ape incidents in Malaysia in the 1960's. It was also the first paper to report on the more recent rash of incidents.

BFRO Commentary:

Here is the article "Introducing Malaysia"

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