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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

[Malaysian researchers given priority over foreign researchers]

Malaysia Star

The state government has sent another team in search of the mystical and elusive Bigfoot yesterday.

State tourism and environment committee chairman Freddie Long told the state assembly that the team comprising Johor National Park Corporation personnel and orang asli guides had entered the National Park via the Selai and Peta entry points.

The six-day expedition will end on March 4.

Long added that another expedition will be organised to go to the Hulu (Upper) Sungai Jasin area of the National Park from April 20 to May 5.

“We will open that expedition to all local researchers from universities and related non-governmental organisations,” he said in his response to Datuk Dr Haris Salleh (BN – Sungai Abong).

He also repeated the state government’s stand that local experts would be given priority over foreign researchers.

Long said claims of Bigfoot sightings in the state had been made since the 1950s.

There were claims that the creature was seen at the Sungai Sedili area in 1950s; Mersing Forest Reserve in 1989 and 1996; Sungai Kinchin, Mersing, in 2001; Sungai Madek Forest Reserve, Kahang, in August and November last year; Kampung Mawai, Kota Tinggi, last November; and Lenggor Forest Reserve last December.

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