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Thursday, February 23, 2006

[Vincent Chow may have found a trail]

Malaysia Star

JOHOR BARU: A bio-researcher was startled to find two heaps of uprooted plants, 100m apart, in a secondary forest near Kampung Lukut China in Kota Tinggi.

Vincent Chow, on a personal expedition to find out if Bigfoot exists, said he came across the puzzling trail as he went some 200m into the secondary forest.

“The branches of saplings about 50cm above the ground were all broken,” he said, adding that he made sure he measured all his findings for research purposes.

“Then I looked up and saw the branches about 4m from the ground were also broken.”

Chow said the way they were broken showed they were done forcefully and intentionally.

Chow was further startled when he found a heap of uprooted plants, some with branches 2cm thick. He noted that it would have taken tremendous strength to do so.

“The question is why are they, whoever they are, clearing the forest? It would need a very strong person to uproot plants like that,” he said.

Chow said he believed the bizarre trail was made by the so-called Bigfoot, because the evidence indicated that it could not be made by humans.

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