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Media Article # 429

Wednesday, September 22, 1965

Youths Report ‘Monster’ Near Edge Of City

Decatur Review

Sheriff’s deputies went on a “monster” hunt early today at the northwest edge of Decatur.

They were called to Montezuma Hills when four young persons claimed a black, man-like monster approached the car in which they were parked.

They said they left the place, drove to Decatur, where the young men let their girl companions out of the car.

The young men returned to the scene, parked the car a second time and waited to see if the “monster” would return.

It did, they said.

The youths left hurriedly a second time.

Sheriff’s deputies were called and they made a fruitless search of the area.

The deputies said they didn’t want to guess what the youths saw, but they appeared to be well frightened.

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