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Media Article # 416

Thursday, April 14, 1881

Strange Story

Iron County Register Newspaper

A strange story comes from the west end of the county. A young man named Strickland attended by his dogs, started out hunting Friday morning of last week. Mr. S. lives in Dent Township, about twenty miles west of Ironton. A short distance from home his attention was arrested by an object lying in the leaves on the ground, but he was about to pass by thinking it some domestic animal, when it rose to its feet facing him. The object had the face of a human being and was entirely without clothing. Its body was covered with long dark hair, which streamed in the cool wind, like the mane of a horse. As soon as it rose, the strange being started off at a run, Mr. Strickland calling out after it. His first thought was to shoot it, but hesitated until it got out of range. The dogs then took its track, but Mr. S. called them back, and went home pending over his strange encounter. It was proposed to get up a hunting party and scour the woods thoroughly in search of the stranger,!
but up to date no additional developments have been made. Mr. S. is a truthful man, and asserts his willingness to make affidavit of the matter herein contained.

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