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Monday, July 12, 2004

Skeptics will buy anything

By Tim Chitwood

Ladies and gentleman of this supposed jury, it's Monday Mail.

With all that's in the news, you wouldn't think a Bigfoot column would be the lottery jackpot of reader mail. But you would be unrealistic.

Today two e-mails take on the critics who say a famous Bigfoot film's a fake:

Dear Mr. Chitwood,

I live in Washington which has long been acquainted with Sasquatch... . And while I myself have never seen any evidence of Sasquatch I am nevertheless a believer... .

Every so often someone comes along who claims to have faked successfully evidence of Sasquatch. Three or four years ago, a farmer on the east side of the state (the dry side) made such a claim and... displayed two pieces of plywood shaped like the outline of a human foot.

... Researchers, including at least one anthropologist, have estimated that Sasquatch can weigh as much as 800 pounds and be 8 feet tall... . Now, say that the farmer was 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds. And also reflect that a Sasquatch's foot is articulated, whereas a piece of plywood is stiff and rigid. How can a 200-pound man wearing plywood feet possibly simulate the impression of an 800-pound or even a 500-pound Sasquatch?

... And now another man on the east side claims to have worn a gorilla suit and posed for the Patterson-Gimlin film while a man in North Carolina claims to have made the suit for Patterson... . Let the wearer of the suit put it on again and perform for the camera so that I may compare the new film with the old.

Skepticism about the existence of Sasquatch is understandable, but there is evidence of the existence of the creature. And as long as the question remains open we should be skeptical about the claims of debunkers who fail to show evidence to back up their claims. Anyway, I think that you wrote a very clear and balanced story.


Ivan Leech.


Mr. Chitwood,

Aside from all the humor you find in the Bigfoot stories, isn't it ironic that these guys like Heironimus and Philip Morris wait 30-40 years to come out of the woodwork? Then people like Greg Long who know little or nothing on the subject manage to "write" a book... .

There have been around 5,000 sightings since the 1950s, many by reputable people, and are we supposed to believe the pundits or two or three "wannabees" like Heironimus, Morris, and that old man named Ray Wallace who was a confirmed liar... ? All these wannabees want is money! Yes, there are many questions that are unanswered about the Bigfoot phenomenon, but that does not mean they do not exist. Your last sentence was correct. Anything is possible.


Ed Mattis.

Dear Iv' and Ed:

Some things are more possible than others. If Bigfoot believers say those who suspect the film's a fake are just gullible, that's ironic.

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