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Monday, October 1, 1973

Ohio Town Visited by Hairy Monster: Folks around Dublin, Ohio, are keeping a weather eye out there these days.

Columbus Dispatch

A series of witnesses - including two security guards - have reported seeing an eight-foot hairy monster roaming around a golf course in the Dublin vicinity.

A spokesman for the Franklin County Sheriff's Department in Ohio said that the monster has been spotted three times by the guards.

"Once they saw him standing in the roadway," the spokesman said.

"The second time, he was in a cemetery near the golf course, and the last time they spotted him he was running away."

A sheriff's lieutenant and a sergeant spent several hours investigating the incident and questioning the security guards, who were reportedly very frightened.

The guards are employees of the Able Detective & Security Systems. They were assigned to guard the Jack Nicklaus golf course, which is under construction northwest of Dublin.

Sgt. Theodore Galligan, speaking for the Sheriff's Department, said the guards have carried rifles since a farmer first saw the monster near a fairway on the golf course.

The guards told the deputies that they looked up and saw the thing standing by a big tree. It fled silently when it saw them, they said.

Galligan said a print found along the creek bed "wasn't bad at all. It resembled a foot to me."

The print appeared to be three toes or claws. The entire footprint about a foot long and seven inches wide.

Galligan also reported that the farmer who first saw the monster won't go out of his house at night now.

"He's really nervous," Galligan said. "The monster has been scaring his cows."

The security firm supervisor said that since the monster was first sighted he has doubled up the guards on duty at the gold course and armed them all with rifles.

So, if you're in the Dublin area, be on the look-out for a human-shaped beast between seven and eight feet tall, with long white hair.

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