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Media Article # 288
Article submitted by John Moore

Tuesday, July 24, 1990

Is it Bigfoot or an Elk with an Odor Problem?

Deseret News (Utah)

FORT KIPP, Mont. (UPI) - Another suspected sighting of the legendary Bigfoot has some Fort Peck Indian Reservation residents nervous.

Residents say the mysterious creature was often spotted in the Fort Kipp area, but had not been sighted for five or six years until Theresa Buckelk saw it a week and a half ago running along U.S. Highway 2.

Buckelk saw "a big, hairy unidentified-looking thing" over 6 feet tall dart into the bush, and at the same time smelled something "real foul" and undistinguishable smelling," authorities said.

One skeptic is Fort Kipp resident Lida Menz, who thinks Bigfoot may have been merely an elk.

"Once something gets started," she said, "it gets bigger and bigger."

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