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Wednesday, July 18, 1973

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Vancouver

By Mary Ryan
Flying Saucer Review

Norway House to Vancouver Lower Mainland Division, attention Sergeant Doane.

It was reported to our office on the 26 July 76 by the chief of the Poplar River Indian Band that many of his people have sighted on the reserve many times a large hairy animal that walks on two legs. Poplar River is located approx. 76 miles to the south of Norway House. An investigation was conducted and the results are as follows:

Several people were interviewed and they all stated that the animal was approximately seven to eight feet tall and was very broad at the shoulders. It had the general body structure of a man only many times larger. A foot cast was taken of the foot impression that was left behind by the so-called monster and is held at this detachment. It measures 16 inches by five inches, and has only three toes. Its fur is a glossy gray color and it has white hair on its head.

They stated that it was very powerfully built and one man reported that he saw it swimming. To date there have been no further reports of sighting in our area. It should be noted that this so-called monster seemed very inquisitive towards the people and would come around the houses on the settlement and look in doors and windows.

This is about all we have so perhaps you could pass this on.
Thanks in advance.
Downing, Norway House detachment.

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received a telex from their Norway House (Manitoba) detachment as follows:

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