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Media Article # 225
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, April 29, 1982

Washington Tracks

Montesand Vidette

You may not have been a believer in the infamous myth of Sasquatch or Bigfoot, but after having taken a look at the mold of a print found Wednesday, April 21, one might be leaning toward such a belief. Sheriff Dennis Morrisette, right, and Deputy Denny Heryford, one of the investigating officers, hold the seventeen by seven-inch mold of a print found on Worman's Bar in the Satsop River, near the end of the Brady Loop Road. The print, which is shown in the accompanying photo before being lifted for a mold, was found by Don Makoviney, a Shelton logger. From the depth of the print it is indicated that whatever made it would have to weigh about 650 pounds. A 260-pound deputy sheriff was unable to create a similar depth of footprint. Heryford said that several hairs were found between the toes of the print and they were to be analyzed. He also said that two or three 'Sasquatch' experts were anxious to examine the footprint mold. Earlier that same day, another set of large footprints were found near the Ventron plant south of Elma on Highway 8. Morrisette noted that if the several sets of footprints were indeed a hoax, "Someone went to an awful lot of trouble and expense."

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Two large pictures appeared On of a stick used to point out details within a track, the other is of two officer's holding a cast made from the track.

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