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Thursday, September 15, 1977

Big Foot in Uintas: Nothing conclusive

By Gary R. Blodgett
Davis (Utah) News Journal

Whatever (or whoever) Big Foot is, he's an elusive creature.

For the past three weeks, scores of persons have scoured the high Uintas looking for the human-like monster - but none has reported sighting him, let alone capturing the beast. An official search party from Weber County scoured the Cuberant area of the Uinta Mountains for the legendary Big Foot, but reported finding "nothing conclusive." Jerry Dahlberg, conservation officer for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said his party covered some ten square miles without a trace. He said some of the area was "so primitive it looked like it had never before been penetrated by man. We covered the entire Cuberant Basin area one day and the following day searched the Bear River side of the area."

Officer Dahlberg said that although they failed to turn up any concrete evidence that the ape-like creature tabbed Big Foot existed, "we are not going to just write the whole thing off. "If such a creature is in the area, he would be constantly on the move, but we should be able to find some evidence of existence, such as animal carcasses, torn tree bark, a form of shelter, etc. But we found none."

Officer Dahlberg said he plans to take a look at the area later, probably in the area of Holiday Park on the Upper Weber River. "There are miles and miles of rugged terrain up there," he said. "The two areas of sightings are very primitive, very rugged. Few people have visited the areas."

In fact, the two areas where Big Foot was sighted are some 17 miles (direct line) apart but descriptions by the two parties, eight in one group and four in the another, bear some resemblance. The smaller group of two middle-aged couples reported sighting - and viewing clearly for more than ten minutes - not one but three beast-like creatures which they said were eight to ten feet tall with human-like features but animal-like characteristics. The group of eight persons, including two adults and six youngsters, reported seeing one such creature. All are reputable persons.

Elk season, whcih open the latter part of September, should draw scores of hunters into all parts of the Uinta Range. But after that, snow should begin to fly and it probably will be next spring - if ever - that there will be more Big Foot sightings. Persons camping or hiking in the Uinta Mountains are urged to take their cameras, not only for the beautiful scenery but "just in case." Neither party reporting the first sightings had cameras with them.

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