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Saturday, September 3, 1977

Search Party Tracks 'Big Foot'

By Bert Strand Outdoor Editor
Ogden Standard-Examiner

A party of "Big Foot" experts from throughout the nation are scheduled to be in the Uintah Mountains this weekend to check on Utah's reports of the creature.The group will be taken into the Cuberant Basin at the head of the Weber River drainage where such a creature was reported seen a couple of weeks ago. Leading the party will be Jerry Dahlberg, Weber County conservation officer, Utah Division of Wildlife Resouces. Officer Dahlberg says he plans to make a plaster cast of a footprint believed made by the creature that was spotted near a small lake. Two North Ogden men and six youths reported seeing the gorilla-like creature that ambled off into the timber after seeing them. The party was about 1/2-mile away on a ridge and watched the creature move off for about a 1/2-mile before it disappeared. Jay Barker of North Ogden, said the creature had a mantel of white hair down its body. He siad it was 10-feet tall. Since the report by the group, others have said they spotted a similar creature in other areas of the Uintah Mountains.


Others in the Cubrent Basin area, two weeks ago, said they heard "strange" growling and howling in the area. They said the sounds were like nothing they had heard before and they were frightening. They also heard heavy crashing in the brush and timber at the same time. Mr. Barker also said on a trip back to the basin a week ago, there was a strange smell present troughout the area. Big Foot investigators from all over the nation have been calling Mr. Barker and state wildlife officials to check on the reports and add information. One expert in Colorado said the creature is nocturnal and feeds on both meats and plants. He told Officer Dahlberg the evidence of such a creature he has collected is overwhelming, although he is a disbeliever. Wildlife officers say the initial description of the animal fits that of a grizzly bear. They said, however, it would be "extremely unusual for a grizzly to be in the area. Two couple said they saw such a creature last June in the Mt. Elizabeth area, about 20 miles from Cuberant Basin.

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