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Friday, September 2, 1977

Big Foot Sightings? 'Something We've Never Seen Before'

By Gary R. Blodgett
Davis County Clipper

Two Davis County couples from Bountiful and Hill Air Force Base have joined the bandwagon of those who reportedly have seen "Big Foot" - a legendary animal-like beast in the high Uintas.

But Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melka, and Sgt. and Mrs. Fred Rosenberg, saw not only one but three of these strange-looking beasts. "We sat on a ridge looking into a meadow only 300 to 500 yards away when we saw the first creature," said Mr. Melka. "A few seconds later a second beast - both much larger than humans - entered the meadow and the two romped back and forth in the clearing for at least ten minutes."

He said the weather was clear and there was no obstruction. All four spoke very emphatically about what they had seen, and the four, interviewed separately as couples, reported seeing exactly the same things and described in detail what the creatures looked like and their actions. "

These things, whatever they were, walked and ran on only two legs. They had arms, legs and bodies much like a human but covered with hair. Only their hands and feet did not have hair," they said. "They were profile to us much of the time and there is no question about them having only two legs - but their legs and arms appeared to be out of proportion (larger) than those of humans. "

Two of them would romp and play in the meadow while a third stood some 100 yards away at the edge of the meadow near the point of a cluster of pines. The three were in perfect view all of the time except for a few seconds when two of them disappeared into a wash, but returned again to the meadow. "They could not have seen us as we were above them on a ridge, somewhat secluded. When they would run, they would take tremendous strides and would cross a 100-yard clearing in rapid speed. "

They could not have been bears or other animals. We don't know what they were but they were something that we have never seen before. They did not have pointed snouts as bears do and we had a good, long look at their profiles." Sergeant Rosenberg said he has hunted wild game for more than 25 years around the world and "these were nothing like anything I have seen before, in real life or otherwise."

The beasts were described as being 8 to 10 feet tall with much broader shoulders than humans with distinct necks, arms, hands, legs and bodies much like humans. "It's hard to judge our exact distance but I know that if they had been elk, I could have killed them with my high-powered rifle that has a telescopic site. We were that close," said Sergeant Rosenberg.

They agreed that although they had the appearance of humans, they did not act like humans. "They had animal-like characteristecs and there was no sign of human shelter that we could see." Sergeant Rosenberg said the "things" had rounded heads, but they could no distinguish facial details. They walked upright, not even in a crouch. They never were on "all fours."

The sighting was on July 10, but the four never discussed the matter further among themselves or with anyone. The Melkas never even told their children and the Rosenbergs told their family only that they had seen something strange while in the Uintas. "We thought a lot about it, but didn't want to talk about it and be humiliated by those who wouldn't beleive us," said Mr. Melka.

Sergeant Rosenberg said that when the first sightings were reported last weekend by Jay Barker and his party from North Ogden, "we decided to tell the world what we had seen earlier in the month in the same general area of the primitive Uintas." The sighting by the Davis County couples was about one-half mile southwest of Elizabeth Lake, about 17 miles northwest of where the Barker group saw their "beast." "

It's a very primitive area, about 18 miles from the nearest road," said Sergeant Rosenberg. "We had taken a four-whell drive jeep into the area looking for a suitable sight for an elk camp in late September. We stopped and walked to the ridge to look into the lake area. "Pat (Mrs. Rosenberg) was the first to catch the creature out of the cornerof her eye. At first we were shocked at the huge size of these things but then we became intrigued and just stood and watched them. We weren't scared, but we were apprehensive."

They said that as luck would have it, they left their rifles, binoculars and, of course, cameras at home. "Had we been better armed (they had two pistols), we would have searched for the creatures," said Mr. Melka. "But we weren't about to go in on foot after them with what we had."

Sergeant Rosenberg said he is going back into the area this weekend bow hunting - but will probably take a rifle and camera along. The four will return there about September 26 for the elk hund and "plan to camp at the exact spot where they saw the creatures."

The said the Big Foot Association in Mt. Hood, Wash., has been notified and will come to the site for a thorough investigation within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, it's feared that many curiosity seeksers will be going into the area in search of "Big Foot."

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