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Media Article # 186
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Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Sunday, May 4, 1980

Prints Human-like: Big Foot? Hard to Tell.

Ogden Standard-Examiner

A state wildlife biologist studying footprints thought to possibly be those of "big foot," said today it is extremely difficult to make a determination. Officer Ralph Blotter, northern region, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said perfect plaster casts made of two footprints last week in the backyard of a North Ogden residence have human characteristics. The footprints are 13 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide at the toes. Officer Blotter said it appears as if whatever made the prints "slid a bit in the mud" which could account for their size. A 13-inch foot, however, is not uncommon among humans, said Blotter. The prints are very clear, showing toenail marks, the "pads" and heel marks, and even the lines and grooves found on hands and feet. He said the prints did not appear to be those of feet with calloused, worn areas, sears or cuts. There is also no sear tissue such as that usually found on the bottoms of bare feet constantly used in walking. Blotter said he is at a loss to explain the depths of the prints that some said indicate the owner was extremely heavy, maybe 400 to 500 pounds. Average-sized persons who made their own footprints in the same spot said their weight hardly made an imprint.

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