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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, October 17, 1974

No Forgetting the Sasquatch

Seattle Times

Luckily, the prolonged summer weather of 1974 has not passed without a couple of good Sasquatch sightings and the discovery of some dandy Sasquatch footprints.

This year's Sasquatch search has centered in the Cowlitz County logging area country, where 161 huge, man-like tracks were found by loggers last week. A Washington State University anthropologist says it is "overwhelmingly probable" that the tracks are real.

You'd think a creature estimated to be at least 8 feet tall would not be hard to find. But the Sasquatch, as the football announcers would say, is remarkably agile for his size.

He leaves just enough traces of his fleeting presence here and there in the woods to keep the Northwest's favorite legend alive.

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