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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Friday, April 6, 1979

State-symbols plan:

By Peter Rinearson
Seattle Times

Olympia -

If legislature is to make square dancing the "Offical State Dance", it should make 90 per cent chance of rain the "Official State Weather Forecast."

It should make Bigfoot the "Official State Animal," and the Space Needle the "Official State Needle."

So says Representative Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle Democrat, who is offering an amendment which would make all this "Official." The bill Douthwaite proposed amending, Senate Bill 2015, would designate square dancing as the official state dance.

It appears to be on the verge of passing the House. It already passed the Senate.

Douthwaite has prepared an amendment striking "state dance" from the title of the bill and inserting "state symbols."

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