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Sunday, November 22, 1981

Bigfoot Blamed For Trouble Near East Michigan Town

By UPI news service  
Idaho Statesman (Boise)

Yale, Mich. (UPI) - Cindy Barone says it's not the torn- down fences of the barn doors that have been ripped off at the hinges,
nor is it the high-pitched screaming her family often hears at night.

"It's the unknown that scares us," she said. "If I knew what it was I could deal with it."

The rural St. Clair County woman is referring to a large, hairy creature that she and her family are convinced is a Sasquatch, or
Bigfoot - a creature that is said to walk on two legs and roam wooded areas from Maine to Washington.

While there is no documented proof of the existence of Bigfoot, films have been made that supposedly show the creature
fleeing into a forest.

The Barones' latest encounter with the beast came Friday evening at their east Michigan farm, when daughters Tina, 13 and
Roxanne, 12, went out to the barn to check on their animals.

Tina said the horses were spooked and when she reached for the light switch in the pitch-black barn she felt some fur.

"At first I thought it was a goat or something, so I took my glove off and I touched it again," she said.

But she said the beast stood two feet above her, glaring down with bright red eyes. Tina said she didn't know what the animal

"I have no idea," she said. "All I know is that its fur was about one inch thick and all matted and dirty."

Wayne King, the founder and head of the Michigan-Canadian Bigfoot Information Center, said this is the first report in which a
human has made physical contact with a Sasquatch.

Mrs. barone, 33, said the family's first encounter with the animal came in September. Since then fences have been torn down a
number of times and animals spook frequently, she said.

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