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Report # 9869  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 26, 2004.
Man has night encounter at home just outside Sam Houston National Forest

YEAR: 2004


MONTH: November

DATE: 23

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Montgomery County


NEAREST ROAD: Countyline Road

OBSERVED: After storm, power went out, so I got flashlight, rubber boots and poncho on to walk the powerline up to main road. We had alot of lightening during storm, so wanted to check lines for damage. I walked the line up to main road and found a place that lightening hit, so was walking back to house up drive. By the way, I live on 47 acres so the drive is long and winding to the house. I came around bend towards house and looked up and noticed two white dots. I thought they were lights from power company, working on lines, but as I got closer I noticed them blink. I got a little nervous, so I kept flashlight on them. At first I thought it was a deer then realized they were way to high to be deer. As I got closer I guessed they were about 6 to 8 ft. off ground. They blinked again and the air had an iron musky smell. When I shined the light again in the direction I noticed a dark figure, big and bulky [it was] hard to tell because the flashlite wasn't very bright. But it blinked again, I ran and fell in mud. I got back up and shined lite and eyes were gone, but could hear it moving thru treeline next to me. I couldn't run fast enough to the house. I ran in and locked the door. Everyone in house never saw the look I had on my face before, was scared and I don't scare easy. We went back out in a bit and I got my Qbeam out and panned the tree line till I was beside the house and they hollered stop, LOOK and there were the eyes again beside the house in woods. Couldn't see whole thing because it was behind the trees, just eyes blinking in the bright light. Then it ran off, deeper in woods and we heard a throaty howl.

ALSO NOTICED: We went out the next night and found where I saw eyes and found 2 what looks like foot prints and what looks like knuckle prints like it was crouched down. Maybe it was and heard me walking up and stood when I saw its eyes in flashlite.

OTHER WITNESSES: Girfriend saw eyes when we went back out.

OTHER STORIES: We hear grunting howling noises every once in a while at night. We hear howls and throaty moans, late at night. Our dog sleeps outside, but sometimes I get woke up with her scratching door hard like she's scared wanting in.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10:30 pm. Just after major storm.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded, backing the [Sam Houston] National Forest.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to the witness and his girlfriend about the encounter which happened on 23 November 2004. The night after his encounter, KTRK ABC-13 of Houston ran a feature about bigfoot in Texas. The witness was amazed and contacted the TBRC about what had happened to him.

The witness saw eyeshine and a silhouette of a large, upright, human-like form in the light of his very low-powered flashlight. A human can be ruled out with absolute certainty because humans have absolutely no eyeshine when illuminated by lights at night. The witness's girlfriend also saw the eyes when the two returned outside later. At that time, it appeared to the witnesses that the animal was perhaps peering from behind a tree, still occasionally blinking. The animal's eyes changed from the light-whitish color to red as the reflection of the light was changed due to the animal apparently altering the angle at which it was viewing the witnesses.

The witness stated that he has heard strange vocalizations at night from time to time, but never really paid much attention to them. After his encounter, he is much more cognizant of sounds coming from the woods that surround the property on which he lives. The Sam Houston National Forest is very close, with one other private property as a buffer between the witness's home and the national forest.

BFRO and TBRC researchers may scout his property soon when we return to the area to conduct extended overnight studies of Montgomery, Walker, San Jacinto and Liberty counties and the Sam Houston National Forest with the express permission of the U.S. Forestry Service. The area has generated numerous reports and besides the Sabine River Basin, may well have the highest concentration of sasquatches in Texas.


The BFRO and the TBRC have conducted field studies in this area with some interesting results. To read the reports, click here and here.