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Report # 9717  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 8, 2004.
Man hears footsteps, inexplicable noise in Vilas County

YEAR: 2001


MONTH: October

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Vilas County

NEAREST TOWN: Boulder Junction


OBSERVED: This happened in Vilas county when i was hunting during the bow season. I was near Trout lake or i call it Trout Springs. Anyways i woke up that morning at about 4 in the morning and i hopped in the truck and drove there. I got to the place and it had been really windy before i left and when i go tout of the car it was silent. It was kind of Erie. So i got out. Then i thought i heard something, i didn't think anything of it because there are alot of animals walking around. Then the steps began to get louder. I thought maybe it was a buck chasing a doe becauseit was the rut. But then i Heard a loud groooooo groooooo grooooo.I just froze. Then i hopped in the truck and got the hell out of there. I talked to a guy later that day and told him the story. He told me that it might be a Bigfoot.

OTHER STORIES: I have heard of guys smelling some weird smells in the area.

It was real windy and then got extremely calm