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Report # 9353  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 20, 2004.
Couple witness a bipedal subject cross road. Later investigate area on their own and find a possible bedding area

YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 15

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: As described in the above report. Off Highway three in Sunshine Valley on a logging road off Alpine Blvd.

NEAREST TOWN: Sunshine Valley

NEAREST ROAD: Alpine Hwy 3

OBSERVED: On August 15/04 while rock hounding in the Sunshine Valley ,,I saw a two legged, hairy figure lumbering across the road about 200 yards ahead of me. It definately was not a bear, as the arms seemed to hang down near the knees, and was dark brown in color. It walked with an easy gait and did not appear to see me. The forest became very quiet just before this event, and I left the area. The next day my husband and myself went back to the same area, and noticed a path through the underbush, where someone or something had walked, and followed it for a short distance, looking for tracks, the ground seemed to be weedy, and rocks, so no tracks were visable. We crossed the road, and went down a steep embankment, which was sheltered underneath by three trees, and found a bed of boughs, with handfulls of a local bush usually bearing a black round berry, but had been picked clean. The handfulls of bush, were bunched together like they had been pulled off the bush by a hand. There were several of these bunches laying around the bough area. We have returned once more, and find fresh boughts, and more bunches of the same bushes.
We plan to try and set up an auto camera device, near the bedding site, and try and capture a picture of the creature.

OTHER WITNESSES: my husband and myself


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Aproximately 7:30 pm. Clear, quite light, and warm.

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed evergreen forest, underbrush and rock embankments.

Follow-up investigation report:

Further investigation of the possible nest or beds found by witness were misidentified. Still some items found in this area are unexplained and could be related to sasquatch activity, but no evidence was found to link them to it.

What witness saw cross the road two hundred yards away was no bear. " I have seen bear in this area, not many, but I have seen them What walked across that road was muscular, not thin, but slender and on two legs." " I was stunned, I could not move or say anything." "My husband was right beside me in the truck and I could not even make a sound or move towards him."

According to witness a reddish brown, turning auburn color biped walked right out of the bush, crossed the road in four to five steps and disappeared on the other side of the road, not turning towards them as it walked, and not running across the road.

They went back to the site and found an impression that could have been left behind by the biped, but were not certain.

Beds later investigated by investigators John Green and Thomas Steenburg turned out to be natural formations of the surrounding timber. It was relayed to me that the insides of these formations were being used by another critter, not sasquatch related, a type of mole that had burrowed into the ground several times had disturbed the rotten logs and was causing the effects seen by witness.

During another part of the investigation, Tim Martindale found an impression in the moss laden soil and took a few photos that were also inconclusive. But in no way was this going to take away from what was viewed by witness earlier that week.

Area will be visited again by witness. She believes that this may be an area that they will come back to sometime in the future, because of the food supply in the area. She will then contact the BFRO again if other sightings occur in the area.