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Report # 8183  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, March 6, 2004.
Sisters have a sighting at different times in the mid 1960’s

YEAR: 1964

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: 1960-1964

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: First Salmon Creek turnoff coming from Myers Flat. Go down Salmon Creek Rd. First dirt rd. going up the hill to the right is where I grew up . Stay on the county rd. and you will come to a real tight curve. at that curve there is a spring coming off the hill. If you hiked up that hill not far you would come to a burnt out Redwood laying across bank to bank. Looking up the hill to your left there would be a big stump and at one time my brothers playhouse. That is where I had my sighting. I never knew until my sister and I were both adults that she had aa sighting in the exact location only he was standing on the log.

NEAREST TOWN: Miranda and Myers Flat

NEAREST ROAD: Salmon Creek Rd. above the 101 freeway

OBSERVED: I grew up on the mountain along the Eel river (Kings Range) I can not tell you the exact year that I had this sighting not sure if I was 11 or 12. That would of put it at 62 thru 64. I was below our house and used to go down to the spring and just hang out out. I got halfway down and looked across and there was this big ape in my mind looking at me. It is still so clear that moment. I do know that I left first and I never said a word to anyone what I saw. Our house burned down in 67 or 68 and we moved to Eureka. When my sister and I became adults I told her what I saw that day and she started crying she had experined the same thing only she was down at the spring and he was above her on the log. I moved back to the home place the spring of 1972 and everything was fine. I lived there with my son and at that time whoever needed a place. That Fall everyone pretty much left and as the nightly custom I would build a fire and my son and I would sit around it and eat. We had no electricity or anything. That hillside always rang with birdsong never a quiet moment. That night there was silence and a wierd feeling came over me like eyes were watching . I grabbed my son and a few clothes and we hiked down to the nearest house. I never went back there to live it scared me that bad. There is alot more stories I could tell you about this mountain but I will leave that for later. I know what I saw that day and I know the feelings that I had years later. I would like to say that this was 40 acres that I grew up on and always felt safe after that night I left I never got that feeling back again something changed. The birds never sang like before either. I would like to say I sent this account to Bobbie Short 2 years ago but asked not to have it published . The only reason I'm writting it now is because of the 2 other accounts that I read.

ALSO NOTICED: I did not go down to look.

OTHER WITNESSES: Not with me that day

OTHER STORIES: Yes I was reading Humboldt accounts and the 2 from Myers Flat is what moved me to tell my story. Both of those sightings happened within 3 to 5 miles and about the same time frame in the 60's.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Somehow I feel it was in the Fall and in the afternoon. It was warm and I had been sliding on leaves down the hill.

ENVIRONMENT: Redwood, Fir, Huckleberry, tick, Madrone trees. Standing above a small spring on a hillside and it is very wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I called the witness last night, 06-09-04, and she recounted this story. She was about 11 years old at the time and saw what she thought was a gorilla looking at her from the opposite side on a small creek on a steep bank. She said it was about 100 feet from her and just stared at her while she walked backwards up the hill in retreat.

She remembered the eyes, saying it appeared as if it was looking directly into her eyes. Its body was covered with hair, but her view was hampered by the shade in the area.

No movement was noticed from this animal, as it was standing, facing her.

After telling her sister this story, her sister admitted that she too saw a sasquatch, in the same creek area, although this time it was standing on a stump looking down at her.

Both sisters never told anyone about what had happened and, at the time of the sighting, were unaware of the term “Bigfoot”

The witness learned of the BFRO through an article in National Geographic.

I did get the phone number of the sister and will try to contact her later this week and have her also submit a report.