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Report # 75925  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 30, 2023.
Motorist's daylight sighting of a Sasquatch near Peshtigo Brook State Wildlife Area

YEAR: 2023

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 28

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Oconto County

LOCATION DETAILS: If going south on Highway 32, make a left on Central Rd in Breed just before the gas station, down central make another left on North Branch Road, at the 90° turn North Branch Road goes to the right and turns into Peshtigo Brook Road, at that corner Izzy’s road is a gravel road to the left.


NEAREST ROAD: Intersection of Peshtigo Brook Rd and North Branch Road near Highway 32

OBSERVED: Sunday May 28th, 2023 between 7-8 a.m. CST I was driving north on Peshtigo Brook Road. Where it comes to a 90° corner to the left and turns into N. Branch Rd. To the left, North Branch Rd also goes off to the right but is more a utv/atv trail. The road ahead off the corner Izzy’s lane is a gravel road.

This area in Northern Oconto County, Wisconsin is mostly wooded with swamp near the Oconto River. As I near the corner I saw a black and brown large figure of a man that I thought may have been someone that broke down on the trail as it was walking south toward Peshtigo Brook Rd. I stopped at the corner as I could not believe what I was looking at. Trying to wrap my head around it and convince myself it was a man as it was walking on two legs and had taken from what I saw about 10 steps toward me. However, there was no sound, no yelling for help or waving of the arms and no human colored skin. It was in fact a dark black and brown figure with large legs even at the base towards the feet.

It was not a bear and it was not a human. I looked around the corner and could see in the distance down North Branch Road that a human was walking east toward me in that direction. I then looked back and the large black brown figure went into the ditch and disappeared. I was convinced it had to be a Sasquatch.

Their is one residence farther down that road on the left hand side (from how I was facing north) however, this was before that property. Talking further with another local the individual that lives on that property is in a wheelchair.

Almost mesmerized and confused at what I saw I never got my phone out to take a picture. It never crossed my mind and now I question why, why wouldn’t I try to take a picture. That will forever be the question.

As I then continued on my drive coming closer to the human walking down north Branch toward Peshtigo Brook Rd, it was a woman who I could very clearly see the skin on and was initially from the corner farther from me than the black brown Sasquatch.

|Several hours later I drove back that way to see if I could see any footprints, or evidence of what I saw. However with the holiday weekend everything was covered in atv/utv tracks. I did notice there was a fence that went along the ditch side going into the woods but it was cut out in several locations.


OTHER STORIES: This location is close to Mountain, WI. I believe a group of Bigfoot researchers came to the mountain area a few years back.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7-8a.m. CST daylight, sunny with clear skies

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, sandy, near swamps and the Oconto River. Close to the Chequmegon Nicolet National Forest.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ontario Richardson:

I spoke with the witness at length over the phone to discuss her encounter. She had been camping with her friends on Memorial Day weekend. She had left to go pick up donuts for the group on a clear and sunny morning. She was driving on Peshtigo Brook Rd, where the pavement turns to gravel. She slowed down for the corner and saw a figure walking across the gravel road to her [right], which was Izzy’s Rd.

She brought her car to a stop, not knowing what she was looking at. What she saw was an upright black/brown figure whose legs were just as wide at the bottom as they were on the top. She could not see skin. She couldn't make out distinctive hands or feet. It took 10 steps as it crossed the road, entered a ditch and disappeared. She didn't see any hair blowing in the wind.

We discussed the possibility of it being a bear and she ruled this out due to the creature being upright and without snout. She said she is very familiar with bears, being from Wisconsin. Whenever she sees a bear, she pulls out her phone to take a picture but this situation gave her enough pause she didn't think of pulling it out.

She ruled out the possibility of this being the property owner, due to the owner being in a wheelchair.

As this was occurring, she observed a woman walking further up the road, behind the figure she saw. She said the woman looked distinctly like a person, where this did not. She does not believe the woman saw this figure, due to how the road is laid out. She did not stop to speak with this woman. When she got back to her campsite she described what she saw and her friends did not believe her.

The witness's encounter occurred in a wooded area called Peshtigo Brook State Wildlife Area. This is a 2,373 acre area in Oconto County. It is filled with sedge meadow, oak, pine and aspen trees. The state government maintains the area for outdoor activity, but is not open to vehicle traffic for the majority of the year. Due to the quality of habitat, this area is designated as a state natural area. It is open to the public for off-trail cross country skiing, hiking, hunting and trapping. They also offer many wild edible foods. She was hesitant to label it as “Bigfoot”, but does not know what else it could have been.

About BFRO Investigator Ontario Richardson:

- Native of Eastern Iowa

- BFA from Iowa State University (2015)

- National Account Manager for one of the largest contract security companies in the world

- Prior employment law as 911 Emergency Dispatcher

- Early years included family fishing trips in remote parts of Canada

- Several solo bigfoot investigations in Eastern and Southern Iowa

- Equipped for audio recording and casting tracks

- Attended 2023 Iowa BFRO expediton ; 2023 Minnesota BFRO expedition ; several private expeditions

- Recommended as BFRO investigator by expedition organzier Bob Barhite