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Report # 7546  (Class A)
Submitted on Friday, December 12, 2003.
Driver and child see a bigfoot on side of the road.

YEAR: 1999


MONTH: October

DATE: 14

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Rusk County


OBSERVED: One night in mid-October of 1999, around 9:45 at night, my daughter and I were coming home from Kilgore. I had my high beams on. Up ahead I noticed something on the right side of the road, and I continued watch it as we got closer, and slowed down a little, because I was afraid it might be a dog or something and run out in front of us. As I got closer, I noticed that it wasn't a dog, but some thing much bigger, and appeared to be crouched over beside the road. It turned toward us and stood up. There is a steep drop right off the shoulder of the road, and the thing just took about 2 steps and disappeared into the woods. I had started to tell my daughter to look, but cut myself short when the thing stood up and looked toward the car. I was just dumbstruck, I had never seen anything like it!!!! I just drove us home as fast as I could. My 8 year old was asking me all the way, "What was it mommy?" and all I could say was "I don't know...". My husband could tell something was wrong when we got home, because he told me I was as white as a sheet. The hair was still standing up all on my arms! I decided to make this report after my oldest daughter came home last January, very upset and talking about a "monkey-man" that had run in front of her car. I asked her to tell me where it had happened, and it was not a half mile from where I had seen the "thing". Both of these locations are within 3 miles of our home.

ALSO NOTICED: It was huge. It had very black long hair on it, and very broad shoulders, kind of hunched over. The hair on it was so black that my head lights reflected off of it, giving it a silvery bluish color. I couldn't distinguish any facial features, but I could see it had a round and flat face, not like a bear or any other animal that has a snout. It was very wide at the shoulders with long arms, and its head just seemed to sit upon its shoulders, with no neck.


OTHER STORIES: Yes, my daughter saw something very similar to what I saw, and it occurred close to the same area. My husband says there have been many wrecks in the area over the last 40 years, and a fatality accident had happened at almost the same spot less than a week before I saw the thing.


ENVIRONMENT: Near the Rabbit Creek bottoms, wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I contacted the witness by phone. The witness corroborated everything that she filled in on the form. The daughter of the witness overheard the witness talking about the incident and came forward with her own story from the same area that basically matched. The daughter was afraid to say anything before due to concerns about ridicule.

The area is south of Kilgore. The closest water source is Rabbit Creek which runs parallel to the road. The witness definitely saw a large bipedal creature covered with hair. The daughter saw what she said was a "monkey man". The interesting thing is that the husband related that there were a number of motor vehicle accidents in that area. There were no odors detected or noises. The witness does report that she had heard strange noises at night that she could not identify. I directed her to our website to link to some of the recordings for comparison. Since that time, the subject has come up in conversations with the neighbors. Most report some knowledge of stories pertaining to sightings in the area.

One interesting thing that has been noted from these conversations is that many point to the fact that the sightings seem to be seasonal from October-December as if there is a migration occurring for the winter months. The witness said that there was not much of an area around where the sighting took place to seek any evidence as most is private property. This might be worth looking at if any members happen to be driving through the area maybe while the conference is going on in Jefferson. It also might be worth checking out within the first few weeks after the first cold front to check the migration hypothesis. I will probably make contact with the witness again around that time. I think this file should be kept in an active state and followed up on further.

TBRC Investigator

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