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Report # 7224  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 26, 2003.
Ongoing Encounters with "Fang" on old family land

YEAR: 2003


MONTH: October

DATE: Friday the 10th


COUNTY: Portage County



NEAREST ROAD: (edited)

OBSERVED: I myself have had many different occasions with the creature I have dubbed "Fang". I have come to understand through self experiences that there is more than one creature in our area. I go hiking quite often in the same area and know exactly where they usually are, as they tend to follow me most of the times I am there. My mother told me today about your web site and I felt obliged to write.

I fear of people coming to our area and trying to find Fang and his clan. I feel somewhat of an understanding and a protective closeness, and I feel they should be left alone. Anyone who has had the wonderful experience of seeing one with their own eyes knows the truth. The world would only want to capture and destroy them if given the chance I fear. I would be willing to talk to someone about my experiences, but I do not really want to tell everyone, due to my beliefs. My children have heard their cries out in the woods, and we have gotten rather close enough for their smell many times. Just last week my younger son and I found footprints in the woods by a thicket too dense for us to walk into.

ALSO NOTICED: I have had many experiences in the same basic areas. I have heard, smelled, and felt their presence very close. You know, like when all your hairs on the back of your neck stand tall? And you know you are not alone. MANY TIMES. Almost every time I hike there, and occassional we will get a quick look.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my son.

OTHER STORIES: Too many to mention. Just about everyone in my family has a story to share.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Our last hike we found the footprints during dusk. They were very fresh. It was still pretty light out, about 600pm. As it got darker, we started to smell him.

ENVIRONMENT: thick woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

I've been in contact with the witness for almost 2 months and we've communicated by phone and email many times. The area of the encounters is old family land, and family stories of sightings, vocalizations, footprints, odors, tree/limb breaks, and suspected nest structures go back many years. The witness takes a hike through the area for several hours almost every week, usually with her kids or a friend and a ritual is to leave Tootsie Rolls in the same location. (While the candy is always gone by the next visit, the BF has not been actually observed picking the gifts up - I mention it only in light of all the other activity that is reported.)

According to the family, few signs of activity are often found during the hikes. I've been invited for an on-site visit, and will be talking to other family members as well.