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Geographical Index > United States > Oregon > Clackamas County > Report # 707
Report # 707  (Class A)
Submitted by witness GB on Thursday, November 16, 2000.
Camp counselor doing trail work has daylight sighting near the Molalla River

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Clackamas County

LOCATION DETAILS: Camp where sighting occurred is off Highway 211 about five miles from the town of Molalla, on the road to Dickey Prarie.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 211

OBSERVED: I saw what I believe was a sasquatch about five years ago. I was sixteen years of age. I was volunteering as a counselor at a day camp. A friend and I went for a walk on the trails within the camp, we were cleaning trails and we also brought our lunches which we planned to eat later. We were on the outskirts of camp, maybe half mile from main camp, very close to the molalla river. I was about 60 feet from a muddy creek, kind of a swampy area. I remember sitting down to eat lunch and my friend realized that he had left something back at camp that he needed. I can't remember what he went to get, maybe a tool or something to drink. So he left and I remained seated on a log waiting for him to come back. I expected the jog to take maybe ten minutes. He had been gone for at least seven minutes when I heard something in the woods to my left. I stood up to get a better look at what it was. What I observed was a massive hairy man-like animal standing next to a large tree (I think it was a cedar). It was about 50 feet away. I estimate that it was about 8 ft tall. I stood about 5 ft 9 in. at that time and it was far taller than me. It was also very wide and bulky looking. The fur was thick and fairly long, maybe 6 inches, and medium brown in color. It looked directly at me for a few seconds. We had solid eye contact. It had dark colored eyes. It seemed to be shocked or surprised and was deciding what to do. It stepped to it's right, my left, behind the large tree and immediately began to run away. I could not see it run away because the tree blocked my view, but I definately heard it. It sounded very heavy, the footsteps could be heard cleary. It was snapping down branches as it ran, creating a lot of noise. It sounded very powerful. I listened to it run away for maybe ten seconds and then I turned around and ran back on the trail towards camp. I met up with my friend on his way back to meet me.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only person that actually witnessed the event. My friend was on his way back from retrieving something from main camp as I waited. I may have been snacking on some of my lunch.

OTHER STORIES: I have just recently heard stories about a mother and daughter in Beavercreek, OR who encountered sasquatch but I do not know any details. Beavercreek is not too far from Molalla, within the same county.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Occured in the afternoon around lunch time. Sunny summer day, good lighting.

ENVIRONMENT: The forest is fairly old, not a lot of low level brush. There are a lot of ferns, a lot of needles and cedar debris on the ground. There are some large cedars mostly around the creeks in the area. There are some deciduous trees around the muddy creek (swampy). There are also plenty of douglas firs. There is a network of private camp trails that are usually only used in the summer.