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Report # 6961  (Class A)
Submitted by witness J. G. on Friday, September 26, 2003.
Teen has daytime sighting near Myers Flat

YEAR: 1963

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take the Myers Flat loop road to the river. There was an old logging bridge about half way around. The sighting was up that road about two miles.

NEAREST TOWN: Myers Flat, California

NEAREST ROAD: US Highway 101

OBSERVED: This was a long time ago where I grew up in northern California. I lived in a small town called Piercy, California about 17 miles from Garberville. This encounter was located in a small mill town called Myers Flat. Two friends and I were hunting up an old logging road roughly 2 miles up the mountain across the Eel River from the town. I was far ahead of my friends and decided to scare them as they came up the trail so I climbed up some rock cliffs for a better advantage and settled down within some Huckleberry bushes to wait for my friends. After things quieted down I noticed a heavy smell and started looking around. The breeze was blowing straight from the brush behind me and I felt the hair on my neck starting to rise up. My two friend were nowhere in sight. I noticed a small movement in the berry bushes right behind me. I stood up ready to run when this thing stood up also. It didn't hesitate but turned and walked off into the brush. I heard trees snapping and the crunch of dry leaves echo away as I ran back to my friends who were still two hundred yards away. After I calmed down we went back to the spot to look for some sign. They believed I saw a bear but I know what I saw. We found where something was squatted down and stripping berries. I had disturbed its meal. Small trees were just broken off about 4 feet from the ground as the thing made its retreat.


OTHER WITNESSES: No other witnesses

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a clear sunny day about two oclock in the afternoon.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountian land, hardwoods, pepperwoods and an old apple orchard. Rocky cliffs that over looked the river bottoms.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with the witness by phone. The following details can be added to the report:
--Witness was very scared.
--The creature walked on two legs, with two long hairy arms.
--The creature had big shoulders but an overall medium build.
--No details of the face can be remembered.
--Color of the hair was a medium brown.
--The creature was more than 6 feet tall.
--The creature walked straight through the thick brush, not around it.