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Report # 67582  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.
Likely Sasquatch activity around farm property near Green River gamelands

YEAR: 2011


MONTH: October

DATE: 4th

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the Green River gamelands in Polk County, NC and right at Lake Adger.

NEAREST TOWN: Mill spring

OBSERVED: October 2011 we found footprints leading away from our outdoors fire pit. Something had stepped in wet ashes after a big storm. We could see where it had tried to wipe ash off on rocks and then took long strides across the yard.

Several years later (year not recalled) on a camping trip near same area. At about 7pm I heard heavy footfalls, a knock in a pattern of 5 or 6 knocks. Then about 100 yards away from that I heard another commotion and more heavy footfalls running toward the 1st. It sounded like the 2 animals met and a flock of turkeys sleeping in a thicker was just anihilated. The attack lasted 15 seconds with the turkeys screeching and flapping loudly.

Later that night I heard the same knocking pattern and then an answer in the far distance with the same pattern.

A few years later back at my home. During a break in a huge storm at about 2 am I heard something trying to climb over wire fence in my back yard. My son and I went out with guns as we've had some vandalism incidents. On the back porch, the fence was still shaking and we heard footsteps crashing to our left.

I yelled out for whoever it might be to leave us alone. I announced we were armed. Then we heard a loud crack like a rifle shot from the direction of the footsteps. At this time we were really afraid and I emptied my shotgun toward the crack sound. There were several more pops and I pushed my son and now awake wife back in the house and then emptied my 22 rifle also.

As my son handed me the shotgun he'd reloaded... the cracking increased and I realized something was pushing a huge tree over and the cracks were the splitting of wood. The tree crashed to the ground literally shaking the whole house. My family pushed their way back outside, terrified. And we all heard loud footfalls running away from the fallen tree.

ALSO NOTICED: Ash footprints from a wet outdoor fireplace.

A big tree pushed over.


2 camping trip

OTHER STORIES: I saw a video report in Henderson County.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Footprints after a fall storm
Tree incident after flooding storm
Camping incident on a cool fall night

ENVIRONMENT: Heavy forest at base of mountains near a lake. There are many streams in the area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

I visited with Phillip Morton and investigated the home, as well as the farm property and woods where he and his son were camping. He also provided me with pictures supporting this report.
Photos of firepit ash footprints are genuine. straight line, and over 48" inches apart.
The tree pushed over behind his house is as he reported. And, his wife has been tossing food scraps, next to a 4' high wire fence, just behind the back deck on the house. They reported hearing something huge, standing just behind the fence, at night, reaching over it and shaking the fence, apparently to retrieve the scrap food.

Where Phillip and his son were camping, is near a large farm pond, wooded land, with ravines. If Bigfoots were in fact herding a group of turkeys, to hunt them, as he reported hearing, the topography would support the described action.
He also showed me where he took huis son in the woods, and he played, near a campsite. They often felt watched there. And one day found an Indian arrowhead left, where his son was playing.