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Report # 65866  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No. Keep everything confidential. on Saturday, August 1, 2020.
Woman riding in car on Hwy 54 outside Cedar Springs sees a sasquatch running into forest

YEAR: 2016


MONTH: October

DATE: 16

STATE: Missouri


LOCATION DETAILS: it was in the forrest on the south side of the road. The terrain in the are is spotted with farms and forests.

NEAREST TOWN: Cedar Springs

OBSERVED: We were on a drive from our home, 8 miles east of Sheldon, Missouri to our grandsons in Wheatland, Missouri. We bought our other grandson a new-used car and he was learning to drive it. This was his first long drive (about 45 minutes). It rained on and off fairly heavy and he was white knuckling it. His grandpa sat shotgun, and I crammed my butt in the fancy deep bucket seats in back. I stared out the window to keep myself from back seat driving, letting John deal with Havens sketchy handling of the Cougar, a sleek black two door.

We were coming up on another stand of thick forest when I saw your typical bigfoot running in the woods parallel to our vehicle. I wanted to scream, ," Look, it's bigfoot!", but I knew we'd end up upside down in the highway ditch, probably dead. I then thought of getting Johns attention, but being your typical old man, he'd blow it, and we'd end up upside down in the ditch. I wanted someone else to see it, but every scenario left us dead in a ditch, so I clammed up and stared. It was at least doing our speed (35-40), then the massive dark figure turned into the woods deeper and I lost it. It ran like a man, was thick and covered in hair, much too large to be human, running in an agile fast moving fashion.
This was in a fall rain in 2016.

ALSO NOTICED: We have been up and down that road over the last 5 years often, but only then did I witness that.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: on and off downpours.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I spoke on the phone with the reporting witness. She recalled the event with clarity and sincerity. The following was our conversation.

They were driving east on Hwy 54 between Wheatland & El Dorado Missouri. It was 11 AM in the morning and even with the intermittent rain showers there were moments where the sun was shining here and there between the patchy driving rain and thunderstorms. There are numerous hog farms in the area as well as caves, abandoned mines, small lakes and ponds.

As mentioned, she was sitting in the back seat. She was staring out the window or checking her phone during the drive to keep herself occupied and to keep from being a back seat driver. They had just emerged from a driving rainstorm to a patch of sunny skies. That is when she saw the creature running through the forest, keeping up with the car. They had slowed to about 35 miles an hour since they had just come out of "a blinding downpour" and the hwy was curving at that point.

She described the creature and event as follows: The creature was "either dark brown or black and had no neck". "It was muscular with massive shoulders and bi pedal". She also described it was "running like a human, upright but with a slightly different gait than a human". It was on the south side of the Hwy and was "30-50 feet away from her side of the car". The duration of the event was 3-5 seconds. It never looked her direction and kept a side profile and then slowly veered off deeper into the forest. She estimated the height at 7 feet. It was "running at full speed" when she saw it and it "didn't break stride when it veered away form us".

She said nothing as she mentioned. She was "in shock" and kept it to herself until they arrived at their destination.
She did have a passing knowledge of Sasquatch, but had never looked into the subject.

About BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

Carter is originally from Texas & moved to Missouri in 1988. Professional drummer for 20 years. Improv & sketch comic and writer for 5 years. Lighting technician for major touring groups for several years. Experienced outdoorsman and was a trained investigator for MUFON. Studied Herpetology in college. Longtime special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation, burial research, infra sound, language & stick structures. He led three Missouri BFRO Public Expeditions:, 2012 & 2013 & 2014. Led public expedition for BFRO in Illinois in 2019.Participated in Iowa, 2012 Illinois. Michigan 2016. Private Expeditions: Illinois 2011, 2012, 2013. Missouri 2011, 2012 (3) 2013(2) 2014. Iowa 2012, 2014 & 2015. Consulted on two Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot TV shows. Expedition leader in Missouri 2013 (1) & 2014 (2) & Illinois Expedition 2019 (1). Led night ops on numerous BFRO expeditions. Hosted a public Town Hall meeting in Missouri in 2017.