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Report # 624  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 10, 2000.
Sounds heard at Skookum Lake

YEAR: 1991

SEASON: Summer


DATE: Early July

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Clackamas County

LOCATION DETAILS: In U.S. Forest Service issued MT. Hood Natl. Forest Map grid C-6 Forest Service road 350(I think) North of Bagby Hot Springs, and east of Table Rock Wilderness. My map is issued in 1993.

NEAREST TOWN: north of Bagby Hot Springs

NEAREST ROAD: Forest Service Road 350 (Gravel)

OBSERVED: I have a friend whose father worked for the Forest Service. We found Skookum Lake from one of his maps. This was a primitive camp site just north of Bagby Hot Springs. As soon as we arrived, we set up camp and went for a long hike up Thunder Mt. After the hike the sun was beginning to set. All four of us were beat, so we got ready for bed. No drinking, no drugs, no funny stuff. Exhausted, I fell asleep as soon as I hit my mummy bag. Sometime during the night, I heard some noises, not your usual night-time forest noises. I heard large rocks being thrown down the ridge. Banging off the other rocks on the way down. And from the hike earlier in day I noticed a large pile of boulders near the top of the ridge. It sounded like something was hunting for something. I sat up in my tent 100% alert. I wasn't dreaming. I tried to wake up my friends, but was frozen stiff. I was surprised no one else woke up. Finally I was asleep, only to be awakened to footsteps outside our camp. It didn't sound like a bear, because the foot steps were spaced apart longer than a four legged animal. I could not talk, so I tried to throw my socks at my friends. Nothing at all. I forced myself to sleep and the next day I only asked if anyone else woke up last night to any loud noises. No one did, so I never mentioned the rocks, and footsteps. There were no footprints anywhere. We didn't like all the mosquitos, so we left Skookum Lake for another camp. It wan't until a few years later when I read about other incidents at Skookum. That's why I think it may have been the Sasquatch.

ALSO NOTICED: Noted above

OTHER WITNESSES: Only one (me) but four of us were camping that night.

OTHER STORIES: I remember reading about a couple events a few years back. That's what got me interested in documenting this report. I remember one of the stories mentioned large boulders or rock tumbling down the ridge. I remember the other one from work. A fellow named Dave was writing a camp guide, and when I mentioned Skookum Lake his eyes widened. We talked about the strange sounds up there. And I found out what Skookum means in the Chinook language.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night,Around 1:00

ENVIRONMENT: Near a small, marshy lake a bit below a ridge (I think Thunder Mountain)

Follow-up investigation report:

The lake area he talked about was, indeed, below Thunder Mountain. Large stones thrown from a ridge onto deer below has been observed and reported from time to time. Deer skeletons with crushed vertebrae have reportedly been found and reported, also. Mr. G. estimates that the stone throwing activity lasted for several minutes.
The heavy, bipedal footsteps he heard came into camp and then left camp during a period of about two minutes.