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Report # 61150  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 10, 2018.
Security guard on patrol in Canaan area (Summer 2010) describes loud screams and 18-inch tracks

YEAR: 20010

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 13

STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: Litchfield County

LOCATION DETAILS: happened near a facility on US Route 7 (S Canaan Rd) in Canaan, CT. Abuts hills and forests. Housatonic River is across the street about 500 yards away.

NEAREST TOWN: canaan ct.


OBSERVED: i was a security guard at drug reability place in caannan ct. my duty there was to patrol the area every half hour. at 3 am in the morning i went out the back door to do my walk around and as i stepped out onto a deck the loudest scream i had every herd made all my hair stand sounded female and was only 100 ft away .i no this becaus right behind the building is a mountain that has a trail that runs parallel with the mountain.i wated till the sun came up and walked to ware the trail was and seen foot prints that i measured to be 18inches long and 5 inches wide..iwent home and check out the scream i herd on youtube and emiedatly i got a was the same sound i hurd and my hair stood up again.i no this isnt like a sighting but you had to be there to hear it. thanks dean




TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3 am the lighting was pitch dark

ENVIRONMENT: the environment was all woods

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

I spoke with the witness, he told me about the incident and was accurate and concise. Incident happened several years ago.

Additional details:

- The scream lasted 5-10 seconds when he went out for his 3am patrol. He did not go out at his regularly scheduled time.

- There is a dumpster for the leftovers, in the back which is close to the forest.

- The Scream sounded "Female" and was deep and resonant, could not have been generated by a human. Approx 25 yards from the main building and on a ledge/pathway over looking the facility.

- Witness has heard sticks breaking on other nights coming from the forest during his patrols.

- He did an hourly patrol of the grounds every hour at night. He may have seen a figure a few months earlier in the moonlight.

- Woods were patrolled only during daylight hours, once a day. There are many trails in the area.

About BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

Mike Young is a BFRO investigator and has attended Bigfoot expeditions in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and New Jersey. His BFRO investigations have been published in the Albany Times Union, the New York Post, and Fox News Channel.

A data and security specialist, Mike has a Business and Technology degree from Fordham University and a graduate degree in IT Management from the University of Virginia. He has given speeches on IT Security at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland and Cybersecurity conferences in NYC, Ottawa Canada, and Silicon Valley California. He currently lives in Connecticut.