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Report # 6037  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, March 17, 2003.
Hunter hears unusual vocalizations on two occassions

YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September

DATE: 14-15

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: Bridger Teton National Forest- HWY 30 out of Cokeville, WY, North to HWY 89 to Salt Creek pass, right turn onto Forest Service Rd 10072 east into National forest about 16mi from main highway to FS 10138 to 10128 north to Thompsom Pass Please don't post actual directions online.


NEAREST ROAD: FS, 10128 off the LaBarge Creek RD

OBSERVED: There were two separate incidents within 12hr time of sounds so unusual that, to this day, I can't explain or rationalize out of my mind. I had arrived at a campsite near Thompson Pass, the evening before the start of deer hunting season. The campsite was about 500yds off the forest service road and in a dense pine forest, near a logging trail that led to a creek. I settled in for the night in a sleeping bag in the cab of my truck, waking up at about 0400, with the need to go to the bathroom. I rolled the window down and listened for any "critters", most notably bears.
Grabbing a flashlight, I left the truck and relieved myself. As I was preparing to return to the truck, I began hearing the sounds of something breathing deeply to my left and to the rear.
Shining my flashlight in that direction, I saw nothing, heard nothing move. I quickly got back in the truck, and then began hearing this warbling, like a man yodeling in a high pitch, from the direction of Thompson Mountain. I rolled up the window and stayed awake with my .44mag. I waited until dawn to leave the truck to hunt- I usually leave about a half hour before dawn, depending on how far I'll be walking to the area I plan to hunt, but those noises had really spooked me. I got to the heavily wooded ridge partially up Thompsom Mt, at the convergance of two main game trails, remaining there until about 3pm, only seeing one small doe moving quickly head hunched down. I passed on it. I then began moving down back in the general direction of my truck, and keeping an eye on
the area where a spring comes out of the side of the mountain, and trickles down to Witherspoon creek. From the area where I had been hunting came this bone vibrating sound, so loud with like multiple harmonics , its hard to explain. It was beyond a roar. I half expected to see a dinosaur crash through the trees, it was such an unreal sound. It lasted 4-5 seconds. I was out of there and on the way home, scared spitless. I've since mentioned the experience to a few co-workers, and none have had or heard of anything like it.

ALSO NOTICED: Area is usually thick with game- not that day, and it was the first day of deer season.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone, but there was another hunting party with a camp trailer, right near the pass off the forest service Rd, less than a half mile away. I didn't have any contact with them.

OTHER STORIES: People I know have hunted bear in the area, I hunt bear but not that region- these were not bear vocalizations.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The first sounds at 4am, clear sky, stars and moonlit, maybe 50 degrees. The second sounds at about3:30-4:00pm, sunny, 70's and westernly wind.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavy pine forest with springs and meadows, kind of a large spur off a mountain with two creeks. A mountain pass is north about a half mile, about 8500-9000 ft elevation.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator  :

This is the same witness who submitted report number 6951. Seen investigator commentary there.

About BFRO Investigator  :

Carter Mackley is a private attorney in Seattle Washington with eight years experience as a public prosecutor.