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Geographical Index > United States > Arizona > Maricopa County > Report # 573
Report # 573  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, December 31, 1996.
Driver Witnesses large, dark creature cross the road

YEAR: 1991


MONTH: September

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Maricopa County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between Baseline Road and South Mountain Park, at the intersection of 16th Street and the Canal. My uncles took place at the intersection of the canal and 20th Street. The incidents were about one week apart.

OBSERVED: One night while driving near a canal, down a road near South Mountain Park in Phoenix, my friend and I saw a large black creature with a burly body walking on all fours or dragging it's front limbs like an ape cross the road in front of us. It looked at us with a face similar to a Sasquatch or orangutan and then was lost in the darkness. I was driving a Volkswagen bug and it was as large as my car.

OTHER STORIES: I found out through my Grandfather that my Uncle saw something similar to what I saw (At this point I hadn’t told anyone what I had seen). I contacted my uncle about his sightings. My uncle is a construction worker who goes to work real early and on two occasions he observed a creature like the one I saw as he drove down a road close to the road that I was on. The creature crossed to the same canal that I was near. The second time my uncle saw the creature he stopped his truck and grabbed his pistol and a light and tried to follow the creature through the orchards that line the roads. He said he couldn’t catch up to it but he saw lots of displaced grass where it had passed. My uncle turned back after following it for about 100 yards as it was dark and he was alone.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The night was clear.