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Report # 55771  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, October 13, 2016.
Possible close encounter behind a home near Old Mystic village

YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: New London County



OBSERVED: I had a Sasquatch hiding in the bushes in a swamp behind my home from me stalking two Deer, it was less than 20 feet from had an arm 4 Feet long with jet black hair hanging down 3 or 4 inches...I turned To make sure my back door was closed, I turned back and it was gone...We've been hearing whoops and wood knock type sounds all summer.

OTHER WITNESSES: I had just took out my Garbage

OTHER STORIES: In the past I've heard wood knocks and whoops

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5 P.M. warm and Clear

ENVIRONMENT: There's a large swampy area at the bottom of a hilly wooded area near my back yard.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

After a number of emails and phone conversations with this witness his encounter I determined that his sighting is unique. Unique in a way because its located very near coastal Connecticut and just on the outer fringes of the local settlement. Located on private property and abutting a headwaters and swamp literally in the back yard that leads to a local river is where this happened. The landscape is broken up with scattered houses, swamps, creeks and woods. There are a few large roads in the area too.

Around 5 pm his dogs started barking and wouldn't stop. He got up and went to take out the trash and see what the dogs were barking at. He got the dogs, put them inside and came back out to check the yard.

There were two deer that had just ran past where he was standing. That's when he saw it about 20 feet away. He said it was a large arm covered in jet black hair, 3 to 4 inches long, pulling on small cattail type plants. It was mostly hidden by a large clump of beach grass type plants in the swamp. All he saw was a long (4 foot) skinny arm from the shoulder down to the fingers. He said the the hand was about 12 or 14 inches long, palm to end of the fingers.

I asked How many fingers did it have? He said he didn't count but other than being extremely long it looked normal. He could see the the crease lines in the long dark black palm and fingers looked long and skinny. At that moment it made a loud whoop sound and there was a response from just down the swamp a little further. Realizing there might be two of them, it freaked him out. He turned away to check his house and he made sure his door was shut and locked and turned back to watch it and it was gone. There's a history of loud noise from the swamps as well as wood knocks and whoops that have been heard all summer. He's also said that there has been activity like this since 2014. He has since bought a trail cam and will try to get some images.

About BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

Tim Vogel is the owner of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors, an outdoor, adventure education business. Located in Western Massachusetts.

I am a BFRO Northeast Investigator, has attended and taught tracking, casting, have provided demos on FLIRs for the following:
Co-Leading the BFRO Western MA 2018 and Connecticut 2018 Expeditions.
BFRO Western MA and Bridgewater Triangle area 2017 Expeditions.
Pennsylvania BFRO 2017, Vermont BFRO 2016, Western MA BFRO 2015, 2016.

A member of Team Squatchachusetts, and interested in Bigfoot since 1976 when something with big feet went through my family’s back yard one winter's day.