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Report # 55269  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.
Dawn sighting at Stevens Brook outside Claremont

YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer



STATE: New Hampshire

COUNTY: Sullivan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Close to Claremont down 120 not far from Kingston road.



OBSERVED: I was on my way to Claremont from Lebanon on Rte 120 and was passing by some reeds in a marshy area next to the road that sounded like a huge flock of birds. The creature came out of the reeds and was crouched down looking at me through them. Surprisingly it got out of the reeds from crouched to standing turned around and ran towards the wooded area up a hill and was moving with it's arms brush and tree branches out of the way. It was incredibly fast runner and I got a good look at its coconut shaped head as it ran away. It was light brown/brown. It had incredibly broad shoulders. I went back the same day. The marsh went up to my knees and I could smell a bad odor like garbage. Myself and a friend went back to the sighting. We found a footprint and a hair sample. I could hear wood knocks when my friend James did a call and we also found a large bed of branches and some tree structures. The following month I went back to Claremont and I heard screeching in the woods while I was traveling Rte. 120 on a bicycle.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5am. Dawn. Clear weather

ENVIRONMENT: swamp with forest behind it. There was a large tree that fell behind where I spotted the squatch that actually looked like a place to sleep almost.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Crystal Panek:

Myself and another investigator, Jeff Sheppard, performed a site visit with the witness, Shane T., and his friend James D. They took us to the exact location of the encounter. Shane. pointed out the location in the swampy area of Stevens Brook along Rte. 120 in Claremont, NH. He indicated that as he was walking along the road on Tuesday, June 7th at about 5 am - he heard a "strange" noise - almost like birds rustling in the reeds. As he stopped to listen - a large creature stood up and started to run away from him. He did mention that he did see its face partially as it ran away. We tried to determine the approximate height of the creature - but, it was marshy. It was estimated that the creature was over 7 ft. tall. He witnessed it for approximately 45 - 60 seconds. He indicated that it had a "coconut shaped" head and was light brown in color with very broad shoulders. He also indicated that it had a smell like "garbage" and was extremely fast. It made no other noises other than the pushing of the bushes and reeds out of the way as it ran away. After the encounter he continued on his way, as he had an appointment that he was going to. Later that day a friend of his, James D. met him and they both went back to the location. They indicated that they made a few calls and received wood knocks back in response. They went back to the location on June 11th to seek other signs of evidence. They had a hair sample that they had collected off a barb-wired fence. I have photos of where the hair was collected and noticed lots of bear scat and sign. I had contacted our hair expert regarding the sample and we both concluded that the hair that was collected was bear. There was also deer hair on the same barb-wired fence. It was right next to the swamp and a bunch of apple trees.

About a month later he heard "screeching" about 1/4 mile up the road in a field. I have the audio file he created with his cell phone. I do not believe the recording to be a sasquatch. It sounded more like a baby deer calling for its mother.

The witness travels this road frequently, and will let us know if he sees anything else.

About BFRO Investigator Crystal Panek:

Crystal lives in southern NH with her family. She has been fascinated with all aspects of cryptozoology since her first encounter as a child while living in upstate New York. She loves the outdoors, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, to name a few. BFRO Expedition - MA, 2015, BFRO Expedition - MA 2016