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Report # 49847  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, September 25, 2015.
Tall figure seen in the shadows at Mohican State Park

YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: Sept. 18


COUNTY: Ashland County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Loudonville Village limits: take State Route 3 south 1/2 mile to SR 97 turn right just past bridge.Take SR 97 west for 2.9 miles until you see a multi stacked sign with Camp Area 'B' in the middle, turn right on to Park road 51 for approx 1/10 mile then turn left on to Park road, drive approx. 1.2 miles to the Covered Bridge and then turn right on the far end in to Camp Area "B" (See sign). Once in the parking lot drive to the far end approx. 200 yards and you will see the camp sites. Camp site # 2 is where the sighting was reported to have been made.

NEAREST TOWN: Loudonville

NEAREST ROAD: State Route 97

OBSERVED: Early Fri. morning, Sept. 18,2015, 3:00AM. My wife and I were camping at Mohican State Park in east central Ohio. We were camping in our van. My wife went to bed at about 10:30PM, I turned in about 1:30AM. I had to leave the van to relieve myself. I opened the van's side door. I have the interior lights set not to come on when the doors are opened. I glanced around outside, as I always do, and stepped out of the van. The center of the road, running through the camping area is about 25 to 30 ft. from where I was standing. On my side of the road there are individual campsites bordering the road, on the other side of the road is the Mohican River. My dying campfire cast a faint glow, the slightly overcast sky provided separation from the skyline and the tree line in the immediate area.
Out of the corner of my eyes I detected a slight movement on the road but everything was bathed in shadow from the trees. I felt I was seeing a shadow of something. I leaned forward peering into the darkness for a better look. The shadowed form booted toward the entrance of the camp area. All I could see was its silhouette. It was upright and moving on two feet. It stood at least 8ft high. I watched in disbelief as it covered about 50ft distance with what seemed like 5 or 6 strides and disappeared into the darkness. I did notice that it had a slender appearance. I knew at once it was a Bigfoot. I had heard of other sightings in the area. I stood there, still in disbelief, running through my mind what I had just seen. I questioned everything else it could have been. Nothing else fit. My mind finally told me, "Robert, you know what you saw. A Bigfoot."

ALSO NOTICED: It had a slender appearance and moved quickly but did not bounce as it walked.


OTHER STORIES: Yes. Just word of mouth.


ENVIRONMENT: Wooded Valley with river running through it.
Eastern Hardwood Forest
Covered Bridge
Camp sites pic-nic area with a dumpster nearby

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David BeVier:

I made contact with the witness via the telephone. The following Thursday I also conducted an onsite investigation of the location.

Witness stated that he was up that night alone until around 1:30 am in the morning, his wife had gone to bed at 10:30 pm, but its after he went to bad and then got up to use the restroom that the sighting took place. At 3:00 am he got up to use the restroom and so not to bother his wife or anything else he turned off the interior lights in the van so they wouldn't come on when the doors opened. He also said that he gave a good look around outside prior to getting out of the van as he always does to see if anything was around, seeing nothing he exited the van. After he was out of the van he noticed that something was behind the van. It was a cloud covered evening and the moon had already gone over the hill so it wasn't much help for light, and he had a camp fire that was burning down but it also didn't give much light. Although there wasn't a whole lot of light he was able to differentiate the tops of the trees from the sky. Witness said that what he saw looked to be a large hair covered creature standing on two legs walking down the camp site road, away from him in a quick manner. Although it was moving quickly, it didn't appear to be running and covered a large distance quickly. He could not get a good look at his face as it was moving away from him, and it was dark with very little light so he couldn't say exactly the color or texture of the hair, but he said he was quite sure of what he had just seen. I met with him and we went over all the particulars of the reported encounter, we even did a size comparison of the creature that came out to be a little over 8' tall. All measurements were taken and the path the creature took was mapped out and the area checked for prints, but nothing was found. I found this witness to be both very credible and honest with his report.

The area around camp area B of Mohican State Park is full of wildlife such as deer and other small woodland creatures and the Clear Forks branch of the Mohican river is present. Along with the 1,100 acre Mohican State park there is another 1,345 acres in the nearby Pleasant Hills Lake Park, with an 850 acre lake as well as many farms and fields in the area that can also help support wildlife in the area.

About BFRO Investigator David BeVier:

David has been Investigating both privately and with the B.F.R.O. for over 20 years. Have attended multiple Expeditions both Private and with the B.F.R.O. and have attended multiple Conferences and Lectures on the subject of Bigfoot and Sasquatch. Previously in the US Navy for 14 years, and has worked for the State of Ohio for 12+ years.