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Report # 4950  (Class B)
Submitted by R.D. on Saturday, February 12, 2000.
Sighting by camper in Harrison County near Tappan Lake

YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 30


COUNTY: Harrison County

LOCATION DETAILS: Its about 5 mi. from Tappan Lake and about the same from Dennison and Leesville. Its a rural rd. that has only been inhabited for 18 years or so.

NEAREST TOWN: Dennison/Leesville

NEAREST ROAD: Twp. Rd 197/Fernwood Rd

OBSERVED: My wife was going to use the outhouse just before light on Memorial Weekend. She proceeded to go around the cabin to the north as the outhouse is in back of the cabin to the west. There is a group of three small trees that we have converted to a counter and about 6-7 feet on the other side was a Pewter or dark gray "thing". It was walking on two feet very rapidly and she caight a glimps out of the side of her eye. She claims it made noise and had no smell. She woke me and I found nothing. We have heard screams and wood being struck for many years and several other sighting have been made by our guests and people that live along the road.

ALSO NOTICED: Something hit the Winnebago on the side and even though it is on blocks, it knocked some thing off the table. I was awakened by a smell in July of 1999 and so was my daughter. It smelled like ammonia/urine/death and we both sat straight up in bed buyt we saw or heard nothing. The odor was noted by a family member earlier before retiring.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife was only witness, all others were aslee

TIME AND CONDITIONS: We have a camp out on Memorial weekend every year and it was during this event.

ENVIRONMENT: Typical Ohio woodlands. My land is a saddle between two hills. It is surrounded by hills on 4 sides. An old mine road runs the length of my property and I have built a cabin next to the road. My friends have a Winnebago and a small trailer on the land.