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Report # 46401  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 31, 2014.
Multiple incidents including rock throwing at a rural cabin near Kalkaska

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 07/07/2014

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Kalkaska County

LOCATION DETAILS: (Specific directions omitted for privacy reasons.) Cabin is set back off the road on the left side.



OBSERVED: This statement is true & accurate to the best of my recollection. This incident happened on Monday following the 4th of July weekend of 2014 after my wife, daughter, son in-law & grand kids left our cabin in Kalkaska for home which is 180 miles south (of the cabin) in Laingsburg, MI. My son age 21, who was a real disbeliever in bigfoot, stayed behind with me. As soon as they left, I mixed bleach & water in a pump sprayer & started bleaching our cedar log cabin. I thoroughly rinsed the bleach off with a garden hose after about 10 to 15 minutes. I like to do this a week or two before I put the finish sealer on it. It was getting late in the day, there was about a half hour to 45 minutes of daylight left, when I heard what sounded like a stone or something hitting a fallen over shed that was to my left & behind me about 10 to 15 feet away. That caught my attention right away because I had thought just before that something or somebody may be messing with me because as I would turn to my left to reach down to pump more pressure in the pump sprayer I noticed a small stone about the size of a nickel slowly come to rest a couple of feet from my pump sprayer. I took a long steady look around me & saw nothing that stood out, but I was on a mission - I wanted to get the cabin bleached so I could leave for home. I then started the generator to get the water pressure up so I can rinse off the bleach. I grabbed the hose & started rinsing. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I would often turn & look real quick behind me and then I seen the ferns parting, coming in my direction but not directly at me & a stone came to rest. I thought maybe my son might be messing with me because I have told him about a lot of strange things that have happened up here. So I yelled for him to knock it off. Then it happened again, another stone & another. I went around to the front of the cabin to shut off the generator which is on the front porch. I noticed my son was sitting in my truck about 30 feet away from the opposite side of the cabin where I was rinsing the bleach off, messing with his i-phone with the window up. I shut off the generator & was walking towards the truck as a stone hit & rolled off the front porch. I rushed to the truck to get him to get in the cabin. He thought I was joking at first. Then he seen I was serious then he experienced it himself. We got in the cabin, it was last light, I could still see out the windows and stones were still being tossed & now they were hitting the cabin but not hitting the windows. As I sat at the dinning room table I seen something large & dark move fast from the other side of my driveway to behind my truck. I grabbed my 44 mag, reached in my pocket and sounded the truck alarm to scare it off. By then it was real dark out so I closed the drapes. My son went to his bedroom and his bedroom wall was hit. The cabin was at times being hit by stones on at least 3 sides within seconds of each other. There had to be at least 3 throwing stones. My son was terrified. I immediately called Kim Fleming, she was there earlier just after my family left for home. My son counted at least 19 stones hitting the cabin, it is not uncommon to have my walls or door hit very hard & I mean whopped hard after dark, it will shake the log cabin & it scares the HELL out of anyone there. I bought the property in 1986, had a 25 ft. travel trailer there until I built the cabin in 1995-96 I have a little over 47 acres there. Lots of bears & cedar swamp.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two witness, father and son, power washing the cabin and working in the yard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Rock throwing began about 9 pm. Visual occurred about 10 pm, just after sunset. Clear skies.

ENVIRONMENT: Tall pines, mixed hardwood forests, marsh and swamp land to the west, north and east.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kim Fleming:

I have been in contact with this witness for several months and he has shared many stories about strange experiences occurring on this property.

The incident reported in this account occurred in Kalkaska County, at the witness' cabin. The cabin is located off a two-track and has no power and minimal cell phone service. Here are a couple photos of the terrain behind the cabin:

The witness was using a power washer to clean his cabin with electrical power being provided by a generator. He was also using chlorine bleach to remove moss from the cabin exterior. At about 9 pm, "rocks started hitting the ground around me while I was power washing the cabin." Numerous rocks were thrown over the next 30 minutes, causing the witness and his son to retreat to the cabin. Rocks had hit the sides of the cabin, a small fallen shed near to where he was working on the roof. "I was power washing the cabin and a rock would hit or I would see one come rolling by my feet!" He would turn and look behind him, but he was unable to see who was throwing the rocks. This is a 47 acre parcel with a marsh and deep, dense, woods surrounding the cabin. There are few neighbors who live in the area year round. After retreating to the cabin, father and son prepared to turn in for the night. The son is twenty-one years old, and he was not a believer in Bigfoot at the time, but both men were a bit unsettled by the activity they had just experienced outside the cabin. "I was sitting at the table and just happened to look out the living room window when something big and dark ran across the driveway, right near where you parked today." (I had visited the site that day and parked about 15 feet in front of the living room window.) The sighting happened between 9:45 p.m. and 10 p.m. He described the figure as "6 feet to 7 feet tall... 400 to 500 lbs" and "running on 2 feet, leaning slightly forward." It was "running from west to east." The creature looked "black, or very dark brown and covered with hair." It was hard to tell the exact color, "due to the low amount of light." It was at this point that the witness identified the creature as a "bigfoot." The witness called me just after seeing the huge creature.

The son was in the process of preparing for bed at the same time, and "every time he walked into a room, a rock hit the wall! ...bedroom... bathroom." At this point, the son retreated to "the center of the cabin" out of fear. He made a bed on the floor and planned to sleep in the center of the two bedroom cabin, "staying away from any walls." From 11 p.m. until about 12:30 a.m., the son counted "15 rocks hit the cabin." The son of the witness became a full-fledged believer after their experiences the night before.

I had met with the witness earlier in the day due to previous activity on this property which he reported in the fall of 2013. There were possible prints that were found that day, but none that were worthy of casting. I visited the property in October of 2013, but found no significant signs of Bigfoot activity. This was his first visit to the cabin in 2014, and he and his family were spending the July 4th weekend together at the camp. No activity was noticed until only the witness and his son were alone at the cabin, as the other family members had returned home. I returned to the site the next day and we found several fresh prints on the property, two of which were cast.

Photos of a print and a cast:

It had rained the night before, leaving damp soil and washing away any prints in the sand made by us the previous day.

One of the rocks thrown:

The witness also reported intimidating activity while building the cabin. He was in a trailer on the property, alone, when "something slapped the trailer just above the door." He could hear "something walking outside...on 2 feet... and it dragged a stick or something along the outside of the trailer" while walking around it. Scrape marks were found the next morning along with a "giant hand print" left in the moss just above the door. A large stick was also found lying on the tongue of the trailer. Moss had grown on much of the trailer over time. I met with a neighbor a few weeks after this incident who verified the hand print in the moss above the door of the trailer and a second time, above the door of the cabin. Marks left by what they believed to be a branch that was scraped along the outside of the trailer. This happened while the witness was in the process of building the cabin. The witness had asked him to come over and see what happened to the trailer. The neighbor stated, "I don't believe in bigfoots, but if there was such a thing, that hand print is the kind of print it would have." He described it as "huge!"

The witness also reported a sighting by a friend while hunting on the property. That friend has never returned to hunt on the property since his experience.

Another interesting thing that happened on my way to the site occurred as I was taking pictures along the two-track leading to the property. At one point, I stopped and got out of my car to record some pictures of possible stick structures. I was less than twenty feet from my car at any given moment taking the pictures. I returned to my car to continue on to the witness' property about one half mile away. When I glanced in my rear view mirror, something huge, tan, covered with hair or fur crossed directly behind my car. I put the car in gear and left, recording the next marker to denote the spot where the sighting occurred. Having a degree in biology, I can say for certain it was not a bear, cougar or deer. I believe what I saw in my mirror was possibly the hip section of the creature. It was rounded, not elongated. When I returned home, I had my husband reenact the scene, and found that the creature was much larger than him. My husband is a very large man who stands 6'5" tall. The creature was much thicker and took up nearly 2/3 of my mirror as it crossed behind me.

I returned to the area a few weeks later with BFRO Investigator, Jim Sherman. Panic struck me as I approached the area where I took pictures of the stick structure. I was glad to have others with me during this return visit. It was during this return visit that a neighbor showed up to speak with us concerning verification of the hand print over the door of the trailer, prompted by the witness' request to meet up with us out at the cabin.

The witness had not heard of any other reports, but I talked to a different neighbor a couple of years ago who reported that while visiting their cabin about a mile or so from this site, the wife witnessed a tree shaking on their property. It happened early in the morning a couple of days before we visited them. (They are friends of my husband.) I checked out the clump of small trees where the tree shaking happened, but found no evidence of what or who could have shaken the tree.

This area is isolated and surrounded by mixed forests, a large swamp area, running rivers, and very little year round, human activity. There are numerous signs of wildlife, including deer, bear and plentiful small game.

About BFRO Investigator Kim Fleming:

Kim is a high school science teacher and uses Bigfoot research techniques to teach about scientific method. She has been interested in researching Bigfoot since 2008 and her husband experienced a sighting in Florida in 1976. Her interests include hiking, being outdoors, birding and working with young adults. Kim attended the 2012 and 2013 Michigan UP expedition and has done research in northern Michigan.