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Report # 45649  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 29, 2014.
Memory told of an early morning road crossing near Nixon

YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Gonzales County

LOCATION DETAILS: Northwest three to five miles on Farm Road1117 leaving Nixon, Texas. House with large, very distinct lamposts will be passed just prior to the site.



OBSERVED: It was early morning, between 8 - 830, I had just left Nixon, driving NW to Seguin on FM 1117. I had only traveled a few miles on 1117 and knew I was coming up on some very high cat-tails (they had been there for years) on the right side of the road. As I approached and got within about 50 meters, I saw a huge black, hairy, bipedal creature enter the cat-tails. I saw the right side of the creature, and I estimate somewhere between 7 & 8 feet tall. I only saw it for a couple of seconds before it entered the cat-tails, but it could not be mistaken for any other animal, and it was too big to be a person.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone, driving.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, my uncle has told stories of a large hairy creature in his yard, tossing around lawn furniture, eating the dogs' food and making a general ruckus. My uncle lives about 5 miles from where I saw the creature.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning, full light. Clear weather.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly open fields on the right side of the road, woods on the left side. A clump of cat-tails on the right, between the road and barb wired fence.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Lance Willoughby :

I contacted the witness via telephone, he came across as a very credible witness, who (driving alone) from Nixon, TX to Seguin TX, witnessed a seven to eight foot tall creature enter into some cattails (typha) after crossing a winding road he was traveling.

The witness was in high school at the time and never reported the sighting until 20 years later after watching, "Finding Bigfoot". He now lives in Ohio but has family still in the area of his sighting. In fact, his cousin and other distant relatives still live on the property described in the report. His uncle claimed for many years a large bipedal creature lived near them and told stories about how they'd toss around furniture and toys in their backyard, as well as eat the dog's food.

The sighting was not at the property though. It took place on a road about five miles west of the family home during a Spring morning. It was about 8 am, the sun was out, but he could not recall any other distinct weather factors. He was traveling north and had just come around a curve. There was farmland on the left and the approximately 10 ft tall cattails on the right.

The surrounding areas are mostly farm and ranch lands with several small ponds near the sighting, including wetlands. Additionally, there is a small river within a few miles. Large patches of forested land also exist in the area, as well as a forested state park.

The witness, looking forward while driving, only caught about a two seconds glimpse of the creature from about 100 yards away. He saw only its right side and described it as black, possibly very dark brown in color. He stated it was very husky and most likely near the eight foot mark based on the typha's height. He did not see the creature's face as it entered the cat tails. It never stopped walking or gestured in any way. He could not determine its gender but his assumption was that it was a male. It had a round head, no neck and barrel chest, while its hair was described as long.

As he passed the spot, he no longer could see it and therefore didn't see it from behind. However, he did see the cattails moving violently as something large was crashing through them.

He continued on to his destination. He recalls being surprised but not really scared to see it. He knew about them from his uncle and seeing it only validated the stories he had been told. There is no doubt in his mind as to what he witnessed.

To continue the investigation, we traveled to the sighting location, the uncle’s property described in the report, and the state park north of both. The witness recalled a distinct house near the sighting that myself and fellow investigator JDK found during our investigation. The location had thick overgrowth as described by the witness and there was a creek at the site. We did not see cattails but did find tall carrizo cane that can be mistaken for cattails or could have overtaken the cattails in the last 20+ years.

At the 32-acre property owned by the witness’ family, we interviewed his cousin. He described that from the 1960s thru the early 2000s several incidents took place on or near their property. He described consistent incidents that lasted over 40 years. Of interest is that he didn’t know about the witness’ sighting but wasn’t surprised based on his own experiences.
The property butts up against a small creek that was about four feet wide and a foot deep of flowing water, but its shores’ width indicated the flow is significantly larger during wetter seasons. The cousin noted the creek stopped flowing year around about the same time the incidents ended. The creek is also the same creek that is directly west of the property the witness had his sighting.

The cousin also noted the following incidents, of many, that stood out:

1) Back in the early 70s, his grandfather, described as a fearless, large, biker-type, walked from one of several houses on or near the property across the creek area to the another house to retrieve some diapers. As he walked he felt like something was watching him and heard a slight growl. Immediately after entering the other house, a double-wide mobile home, something not only banged on the house violently, but also shook it enough to suggest an earthquake. Once it stopped he eventually exited to return to the other house. After only a few steps he heard loud bi-pedal foot stomps crashing through the brush and then the distinct sound of barbwire metal fence wire stretching and then snapping as something crashed through it. Now scared to death, he decided to walk out to the nearby highway instead of through the woods. Nothing else happened that evening though. The next morning, him along with several other witnesses found the fence break near the home along with some long brown hair that was definitely not from a cow or hog according to the witnesses.

2) In the 80s, one evening, the house was hit like described in the above account. The next morning, a large hand print was found outside one of the home’s windows. The family called the local game warden who investigated. The game warden was described as very large person, 6 ft 6 in in height. The print on the window dwarfed his hand.
3) The cousin along with other young family members would camp near the homes. One day during the 80s several witnessed a creature walking through a pasture.

After concluding our interview of the witness’ cousin, we traveled to Palmetto State Park, about 30 miles north from the sighting and family property. It is a small park known for its dwarf palmettos, a tropical plant, out of place in central Texas. The park is comprised of a thick forest, with the palmettos, and a notable swamp. Plus, while the park is not too large, the surrounding ranch land is also comprised of the same thick forested areas. Additionally, the park and surrounding Ottine community is know for the Ottine Swamp Thing, a local bigfoot-like legend. Research determined that the area has had several reports over the years. One of which was described to us at the Visitor’s Center by the ranger there. In short, four or five hunters saw an eight foot, bipedal, hairy creature run through the trees as they were hunting only a few years prior. She knew and had heard the story first hand from the witnesses.

About BFRO Investigator Lance Willoughby :

Retired military officer dedicated to conducting investigations based on evidence, science, and hopefully sound judgment. Certified inspector, auditor, security professional, and project manager with decades of experience in national intelligence, communications, computer systems, and security operations.

Has investigated across Texas and Oklahoma over many years.