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Report # 44861  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, April 19, 2014.
Passenger on US Hwy. 431 spots a tall, dark figure walking uphill south of Dunmor

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 16

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Logan County

LOCATION DETAILS: North hwy 431 from Lewisburg Ky. about 6 mile just before Dunmor



OBSERVED: My girl friend was driving and I saw a tall, large, dark figure walking up hill about 2 pm on a bright sunny day in April.

OTHER WITNESSES: my girl friend but she was driving

OTHER STORIES: yes I read about a sighting here you see this place I'm talking about is called Hollow Bill and I also live here

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sunny day sun on its back

ENVIRONMENT: It is right off the side of 431 in the woods on the creek

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Wigginton:

I believe James is sincere and honest when relaying many accounts to me in addition to this sighting. The area has a history of Bigfoot activity including howls, sightings and encounters that go back to 1975, that I know of. He had several sighting over the years.

James was riding while his girlfriend drove and he looked over. He saw a tall, large, dark figure walking uphill as they drove past, around 2:00 pm on a clear sunny day. The area has a history of sighting that go back years, that might be do to the remoteness and lack of population.

About BFRO Investigator Jim Wigginton:

Jim is retired and has had a lifelong interest in the outdoors while growing up in western Kentucky on a small farm. Spent his spare time hunting, camping, fishing, horse riding and just spending time in the woods. Attended W.K.U. for pre Architecture, Drafting and Vocational Educational degree. Attended several expeditions in North Carolina and Kentucky with the BFRO and private outings. Long time interest in the unknown, and especially Bigfoot.