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Report # 44350  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.
Landowner details a series of events at her remote cabin

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 17

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Jefferson County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the night before that I believe the tracks were made, it was heavy snow pack, and there was very lite flurries and a little blowing, over night, with temp somewhere I think -5. The morning when I seen the tracks it was about 7, I believe/remember from TV News.

NEAREST TOWN: Confidential

NEAREST ROAD: Confidential

ALSO NOTICED: There were deer tracks in the area, and also outdoor cat tracks.

OTHER STORIES: I have been posting here many years on BFRO boards, and yes I have both read stories here, also heard local.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The Tracks had to been made over night Feb 16-17 2014.
They were not there the day before.
They were first seen by myself on Feb 17th 2014 in the early morning hours when I let my dogs out to pee, soon after I had awakened that day.

ENVIRONMENT: The land area, was an old timers style coal mining area.
Now it has somewhat changed into both older and newer growth forest areas with open and grass natural field areas also.
It is steep and mountain/hills, with older and newer rocks.
A lot of deer and turkey, and other animals.
The valley below drops down to a very old bigger main river, that has also many very small streams running into it.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jarrett Johnson:

I spoke to landowner of the property at length regarding a number of events that have occurred over the years at a cabin and property that has been in her family for a number of years in central Pennsylvania. The area was mined heavily for coal in the early 1900's and had abandoned mine shafts and "red dog" coal piles on the property. For many years including her childhood, the property included a home and was a seasonal property where the family would visit to relax and hunt. A smaller camp was later built on the property. She moved to the property in 2007 to live there year round and transitioned the camp into her home. The current camp will be replaced with a new home in the near future.

Her first encounter occurred on the property as a young girl in the late 1970's or early 1980's. She and her brother had packed a lunch to spend some time in the woods hunting turkey. They set up behind a log to use as a makeshift blind and soon her brother had turkey in the area. He was studying a flock of birds in the distance through a pair of binoculars when they heard something behind them. She stated that she and her brother also sensed something behind them. They turned and saw a huge creature looking at them from 20 feet away. She stated that she remembered looking up and could only see the shoulder and profile due to the foliage. It had longish hair that obscured any facial details. The hair had unkempt matted strands of hair that she described as shoulder-length. The hair was primarily brown with hints of green consisting of plant matter and debris which the witness described as giving it a "ghillie suit" appearance. She noted that it blended into the forest very well. Being very frightened, they began to run back towards the safety of home and their parents. The creature then followed them and they could hear brush breaking behind them as they were chased from the woods. Her brother refuses to talk about it to this day.

Years later, the witness stated that seeing the movie Predator unnerved her as the being in the movie reminded her slightly of the creature she saw as a child due to its ability to blend into the woods and seemingly appear out of nowhere among the foliage.

Several interesting incidents occurred on the property in 2008. The witness stated that during a snowstorm one evening, she and a friend were visiting at her home in the cabin. They were frightened by something hitting the side of the structure so hard that it moved a mirror and dresser. Her friend commented that a deer must have hit the side of the camp. They went outside the following day and did not notice a deer or anything else out of the ordinary.

One evening in June of 2008, the landowner was on her computer at night with the windows open. Her cat was relaxing in the room and she was suffering from summer allergies that were bothering her. She noticed and started to hear sounds and at first thought it was the cat until it happened a second time. She then realized the response was coming from beyond the window and was mimicking her audibly. She would sniffle, cough, or make a noise and the noise would be returned from outside. After a short period of time, the witness became very scared and could not bring herself to approach the window. Since the camp and property are very remote, she could not conceive that a person would be out there on the property. She stated that she went to the living room and stayed up for much of the night. In the morning, she went out to investigate. The window is high enough that a normal person could not see into the room. She did not notice anything in the mulch outside the window and thought the entire experience was odd.

We discussed that Bigfoot creatures are renown for mimicking sounds including birds, animals, and people. There are many documented reports of this phenomenon. She stated that our conversation about Bigfoots mimicking people made her additionally unnerved about this particular incident.

The next incident occurred in late July. The family had an above-ground pool on the property and a group of them were swimming and having fun during the summer day. The landowner had made some Kool-Aid for the boys and one of the group stated to her that he had seen something or someone in the woods watching them in the pool.

After the group had finished swimming in the pool, she had asked the boys to take the cat litter to dump in the woods. The boys came running to the house frightened and scared stating that they had heard someone or something in the woods including a very loud grunt or cough-like noise.

Later that night, the boys were reluctant to play outside due to the occurrences of the day. The group was playing board games in the living room. The windows were open in an attempt to take advantage of the summer breeze blowing through the home. Around 2:30 am, there were a series of knocks near the front screen door which greatly frightened the group. She ran to the bedroom to grab a loaded shotgun kept for protection and the group huddled in the hallway. More loud knocks occurred to the front of the home minutes later. Once again, the cabin is located deep in the woods and is surrounded by a very private 150 acres. No one should've been in the area during the late hours of the night. A short while later, there were a third series of knocks on the home. She eventually mustered the fortitude to open the door to shout that she was armed. The boys looked out the windows and saw nothing. The group felt that they were being watched from the darkness and that whatever had banged and knocked on the house had not left. They all sat in the center of the room with the loaded firearm until daylight. A look around the home and yard in the morning resulted in nothing out of the ordinary.

The Bigfoot behavior of knocking or slapping the exteriors of homes, cabins, trailers, and campers has been reported with some level of frequency.

In December of 2008, the homeowner had a toothache one cold, snowy winter evening. She was in the kitchen making a soda water/salt mixture to gargle and rinse with when she heard loud crunching steps from outside of the closed window in the yard. She described a loud "crunch-crunch-crunch" coming from the frozen ground. She stated that it sounded like bipedal footfall and considering the knocking incident during the summer, she ran again to the safety of the hallway. She could not bring herself to peer out the window and was frightened for the remainder of the night. She mentioned that it was extremely cold that evening. I asked her if she had gone outside to look for tracks and she indicated that they had not due to the cold weather.

The witness stated that the family had two dogs that were suspiciously quiet and subdued during these incidents. The dogs normally bark and alert the family of any activity around the home.

On February 17, 2014, the landowner went outside in the morning to tether her dogs to a cable lead used for them to go to the bathroom. She noticed an interesting track way in the snow. It had snowed heavily throughout the night so it is felt that the track way was left in the middle of the night with additional snowfall falling onto them reducing their clarity by morning when they were found. The landowner stated that they were not present the day before. She placed a 12" rule in one photo to depict the size. The stride between the tracks was approximately 52". The track way went beside the home and into the woods with consistency in appearance and stride. The homeowner stated that the track way crossed their snowblown foot path to the home by stepping across it. The track way did not show any discernible toes or other details as they had been subject to the winter weather throughout the night. Although the source of the track way was not observed, she feels that the tracks were made by a Sasquatch. See photos:

About BFRO Investigator Jarrett Johnson:

Jarrett grew up in an area of western Pennsylvania that has historically experienced reported sightings regarding a hominid creature in the Hell's Hollow area. Having heard the stories as a child, he never gave the local lore serious thought... until years later when a family member revealed a personal encounter. He also spent a number years on the edge of the Florida Everglades where sasquatch activity has been reported for many years. In 1998, a Skunk Ape photo taken near Ochopee was posted along with a feature article in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper and his serious interest in the subject of sasquatch began.

JJ is an enthusiast of the outdoors including remote camping, hunting, fly fishing for native trout, seeking wild morel mushrooms, riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, and all things related to the sasquatch phenomena.

Jarrett has attended BFRO expeditions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. He has also attended a number of private expeditions.