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Report # 4286  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 10, 2002.
Two see 7- 8 Foot Creature on dead end road

YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 25-30

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Fulton County

LOCATION DETAILS: Ok, From Johnstown Ny, take Perry st North to Maple Ave. Turn left on Maple and follow till it you reach W. Fulton Ext. Turn left there. This becomes N. Bush Rd. The dead end is off N. Bush right before an old red barn



OBSERVED: My best friend and I were driving around one night, about 2:00 am. We ended up on a little used dead end road. We were uh, out of the vehicle to releive ourselves, hense the dead end with no houses on it. We were in themiddle of no-where but why take chances getting spotted?

We finished up our business and I was back in the truck waiting for my buddy. I turned on the headlights, and illuminated in the beams was a very tall man shaped animal, brown in color. It stood perfectly still for a minute and then grunted at us. Then it turned and walked away. it didn't move like a man. It kind of swaggared back and forth like it lunged each leg forward when it walked.

We were really freaked out so we backed up all the way to the road.

Afterward, we rationalized that it must have been a moose. but I don't think it was. For starters, i've seen moose before and they're huge. this was tall enough, it looked well over six feet. But it stood on two legs, and it didn't have antlers. but at the time, we had to rationalize what we saw.

My father is an officer with the NYS Department of Environmental Concervation. He says that what we saw was a moose. It could not have been a big foot. but I disagree. I went back and searched for moose tracks, none. Droppings, none but rabbit. In fact, I found no tracks of any kind.

But that doesn't mean anytyhing because the ground is all soft needles and leaves.

ALSO NOTICED: I went back the next day and found no tracks or droppings to identify my creature as a moose or bear, the only large animals in my area.

OTHER WITNESSES: Me and a friend. We were driving around for about an hour before the 'sighting' if you will. Before that we had a midnight meal a diner in Fultonville

OTHER STORIES: I have heard of sightings in Benson. About an hour north of me, but I'm not sure I beleive those stories. If you want details on them, I can provide at request

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about two am.
Very clear night, stars in the sky.
It was chilly
And very well lit, I had my highbeams on.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly maple and oak. Some pine. The area had been logged many years ago so most of the forest is under 75 years old. I'm sure there's a creek running somewhere through there, too.

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke with the witness Chris. Witness is very familiar with the wildlife of the area. Subject had not been drinking that night and were under the legal drinking age in New York at the time of the sighting. Witness was approximately 20 feet from the creature in the driver's side of vehicle..
States approximately 7-8 feet tall, covered in long brown hair. Described as the face as "being flat". Arms swung more than a human. Stated it just turned around after approximately a mintue and walked off.
Met with the witness on July 10th, 2003 went to the area of sighting, which is no longer a dead end road. Visual evidence where the road ended at one time. Intersting fact is approximately 300 yards behing the wooded area, there is a town dump. There was plenty of evidence in the area of deer, as we found deer track and droppings.
The witness is straightforward, and is extremely convincing.