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Report # 40645  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 31, 2013.
Memory told of observing a hairy biped close to Civil War fortifications near Fort Lee

YEAR: 1981


MONTH: September

STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Prince George County

LOCATION DETAILS: If you are going toward Hopewell from Petersburg on 36 there is a circular "subdivision" across from the gates on the left. At the time, the basketball courts are on the northwest side and the trail into the woods runs northeast kind of parallel to 36. The stream starts at the subdivision and runs through the woods below the earthen walls toward the northwest. I could provide you GPS coordinates if that helped. I can still see the area on google maps though I now live in Florida

NEAREST TOWN: Ft Lee Virginia

NEAREST ROAD: Oaklawn blvd (highway 36)

OBSERVED: During early fall of 1981 when I was in 9th grade, several of my friends and I were playing war in the woods of the Petersburg National Battlefield. We rode our bikes to one of the wooded fortifications next to a stream. That was our base where we parked our bikes. We would form teams and on this day throw pebbles for a kill when you found someone. So one team would wait three minutes while the other team hid. During one of our breaks I was busting some softball sized rocks against each other in the stream to see the crystals inside. After we were done, near sunset, we started riding back to the base housing and I remembered the rocks and decided I wanted to go back and get some of the chips. So two of my friends and I doubled back and coasted downhill and then up the embankment. We stopped at the top and upon looking down at the stream saw what looked like a black bear in the stream where I had left the rocks. When it stood up on two legs, turned around and looked at us we all started screaming because it was not at bear at all. Though we were 40 feet apart we did not see a face, but the smell was like road kill. It then ran on two feet without making any sound that I could hear north along the stream faster than we could have rode our bikes. We rode back toward the base and gathered older kids playing basketball and went back searching armed with sticks, rocks, and mop poles. No tracks or other signs beyond a few more turned over rocks in the stream were found. We decided it was either a Bigfoot or some advanced all over hair ghillie battle suit with six million dollar man powered legs.

ALSO NOTICED: It smelled like road kill and was turning over rocks in the stream bed - no sounds were heard - it was like the quiet before a tornado. The whole day was weird and we were heading back while the light was good because it felt strange. None of us went back in the woods again.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 witnesses - we were bike riding


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Near sunset, sun about 1 fist above the horizon. It was a partly cloudy day, tshirt weather about 75 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: Old forest around a stream below civil war earthen fortification

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:

After conversing with the witness, the following information can be added to his report:

-The witness and his friends were close enough that he expected to see a face and eyes, but they could not.
-The head was large and seemed to connect seamlessly to the body, with no discernible neck. The head was not pointed on top.
-It seemed to glide, like a professional runner or ice skater, as it accelerated and ran away on two feet. It accelerated "too quickly", with very long strides and no mincing of steps on the round stones.
-The arms did not pump as it ran, and they did not touch the ground. The witness did not notice hands, but could see that the arms were very long.
-It did not move like a human, except for being upright as it ran.
-The body was covered all over in dark brown hair, three to four inches long.
-The creature's height was estimated at six and a half feet from their position on the embankment, fifteen feet above it and forty feet away. It's body looked thick, too thick, but not obese.
-When first seen, the creature was bent over at the waist, looking into the shallow stream where the witness had been breaking rocks earlier in the day.

About BFRO Investigator D.K.:

D.K. is a business executive with an MS in Systems Engineering. Formerly a linguistic analyst, he applies his knowledge to the collection and study of sasquatch vocals and communication patterns. BFRO expeditions attended: Tennessee 2010, Pennsylvania 2011, Ohio 2012, West Virginia 2012 & West Virginia 2013