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Report # 38386  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 20, 2012.
Night fisherman has possible encounter at the Cobble Mountain Reservoir

YEAR: 2000


MONTH: September

DATE: unknown

STATE: Massachusetts

COUNTY: Hampden County

LOCATION DETAILS: After 9-11, the government closed the thru-way that runs along side the reservoir that feeds Springfield its water supply. These mountains have been off-limits to hunters, hikers, fisherman, and the public for years before 9-11.
Now its completely blocked off. Lots of deer and wildlife in this large expanse of protected mountainous terrain. The Reservoir holds lots of Small-Mouth bass, Rainbow, Brook, and Brown Trout. My Uncle, worked at the Pumping Station, he let me and my cousins fish there. I stayed there for weeks at a time.
As an adult, I couldn't help myself to go fishing there still. I respected the land and put all fish back and wouldn't throw any trash around. I packed it up and brought it back with me. I fished there all day sometimes but mostly at night with top-water poppers for Small-Mouth bass. Fun,fun!

NEAREST TOWN: Blandford/Granville

NEAREST ROAD: Cobble Mtn. Rd.

OBSERVED: I parked up the road a ways so any cops or ranger patrols didn't see my car. It was 1am with a 3/4 moon. The water was very low this day. I was fishing and there was about 4 Beaver-Tail slaps on the water so I knew there would'nt be any smallies hanging around. I took a few more casts and caught a Dace. Its like a sucker with the body of a trout. Very silver in color and unedible. I was trying to get the fish off my hooks when I heard something heavy about 45 yrds away from me cracking sticks as it approached from the road onto the freshly cut brush (from the work they did around there, days prior).

It sounded like a human walking, and I thought I was in trouble with the law. My flashlight was dying and I was having trouble seeing just getting the fish off my 2 treble hooks.

I asked, "Who's There?!?!" and I just heard a stick snap really loud as it stood still. I hit my flashlight in order to make it brighter and I seen big eyeshine and a dark sillouette of what looked to be shoulders. I started yelling at it to get out of here and at this point, I'm thinking deer... or worse, maybe a bear standing up. I heard a few more big snaps as it walked onto the paved road and that's when it cried out in this terrible noise that I've never heard before. It echoed thru the mountains and it scared the bajesus out of me.
It wasn't a bear, or a deer, that's for sure. It was huge, and the sound it made sounded like a shrieking demon baby. That's the only way I could describe it. A loud shrieking howl. It wasn't a roar or a deep growl. It was more high pitched.

I cut my line with the lure still in the fishes mouth and kicked the fish half hazardly into the water and ran as fast as I could to my car which was the scariest run/walk/stop & listen journey to my car I've ever encountered in my life. I was waiting for a werewolf to jump out and get me or something. True terror that I've never experienced to this day.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing unusual except what I described above. It came out of the woods.

OTHER WITNESSES: No. Im sorry. I wish there was but I was alone on this night.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear skies at 1:00 am. The lighting condition was dark with a 3/4 moon. and I had a flashlight that was very dim from old batteries wearing out. I had to hit the flashlight to brighten it up a bit to see the big eyeshine.

ENVIRONMENT: Very mountainous. Holds Springfields drinking water (2 Huge protected reservoirs). Lots of pine trees and birch trees. Everything a Squatch would need actually. I've thought this to be the perfect place to live off the land if I ever wanted to escape society. Deer, fish, small animals like rabbits, racoons, porcupines, squirrels.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Vogel:

While talking with the gentleman through a phone conversation, he was excited to hear that someone was actually looking into his incident. A incident, that has been burnt into memory. On this night, he was walking down the road when he decided to go down near the water, the water was very low at this time of year, where as it gets drained every year. While standing down by the water he heard 3-4 beaver tail slaps, thinking that the beavers were trying to get him out of the area. About 2 mts. later he heard foot steps coming towards him, he recalls them to be about 45 ft. away, he heard a snap, thinking that it might be a person walking thru, or he was going to get yelled at for being there. He yelled up and asked "who's there" with no answer, he started to get nervous, he then heard another snap of a twig or limb, now he knew it was time to go, as he started to walk away from the edge of the water, he could hear something moving away, he tried shining his light in the direction of the foot steps but the light was just about dead. He saw eye shine (7.5-8 ft) off the ground. At that moment he heard a sound that he has never heard before, he describes it to be a screaming / howl, that vibrated in his chest. He could hear it moving up out of the woods and across the road, that's when he decided to get out of the area an ran to his car. Like he told me in the interview, it is a moment in his life that he will never forget.. I am familiar with this area, it has an abundance of vegetation, fresh water and wildlife. We will monitor the area and keep in touch with the witness.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Vogel:

Eric loves the outdoors, has spent most of his life either camping or hiking hunting, fishing ,, teaching wilderness outdoor skills,
Cert. New York wilderness guide