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Report # 3673  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 21, 2002.
Woman finds large tracks on her property near Clayton, Wa

YEAR: 2001


MONTH: September

DATE: 10th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Stevens County

LOCATION DETAILS: Until I show these pictures to someone, I'd rather not, but when the time comes, I can show you exactly where the prints came out of the woods and aproximately where they went back in.



OBSERVED: I observed and took pictures of footprints on the road on my property in Eastern Washington. I would like to have someone take a look at my pictures (I have scanned them and can e-mail them to you if you'd like).

OTHER WITNESSES: 3-we were walking up the road planning future power and water sources.

OTHER STORIES: It's in a place called "Bigfoot Valley"

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Weather had been very dry. Soil was dry and powdery.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was getting estimates from a person from the power company, when he looked down in the powdery soil and noticed a large human-like print. He brought it to witness' attention and she was stunned by the size of the print. He put his boot down next to the print and got an estimation of about a boot size 11. "But the weird thing about this print was that it was deep in the soil, we were making tracks but this thing was heavy, its track was well into the soil, as deep as the elk tracks that were next to it."

"I am not a tracker, but I followed these tracks for a bit and notice that the stride was longer than any persons. At first, I thought it was my neighbors trying to scare me off the property but they would have to go to great strides and detail to pull this off. There was no way that someone could have been pulling this joke off."

"At one time these tracks went to a viewpoint off the side of the road."

Q: What do you mean?
A: “The tracks had a great stride to them and then the prints came together, like it stood in one spot and then looked out over the valley and then continued on down the road for a few more steps and then left the road and that is when I lost them.”

Q: Any thing else you noticed?
A: "Yeah, it walked through a bunch of sticker bushes or thistle bushes. Why would it walk through that, when someone like me would just walk around them? It was the strangest thing."

Q: Has anything else happened since you spotted the tracks?
A: "One night a friend and I went up there and we slept in different tents. In the middle of the night I heard something."

Q: What did you hear?
A: "I heard something take in a lot of air around our campfire, it was almost out."

Q: Were you cooking anything at the time?
A: "It was some time ago...let me think.... we had chili that night and rinsed out the cans and dumped the water around the fire.”

“It could have been a bear or an elk, but this had a big chest cavity by the amounts of air I heard it take in."

Q: Do you still plan on building on the property?
A: "Yes, I have been wanting to complete this project for awhile.”

Even though the witness was not sure about what she had heard the night she spent on the property. The tracks she had seen years before were definitely not those of a bear or any other animal or human.