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Report # 31648  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 2, 2012.
Possible encounters by soldiers training at Fort Pickett

YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 16

STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Nottoway County

LOCATION DETAILS: In a Fort Pickett southern training area.

NEAREST TOWN: Blackthorn


OBSERVED: At the time my unit was training in Ft. Pickett, VA. We were conducting training for over a several day period. The teams in the field kept asking if any other unit was training in the area because they could hear people walking nearby, but did not investigate so as not to give away their position, no other units were near. One afternoon we distinctly heard several very loud knocks on a tree. When asked, the field teams reported that they thought we were walking around and doing it. We visually located each team and none were in the direction of the knocking. Later that evening we heard a radio report of a "bigfoot" sighted on a range.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: Day, very bright sunny day

ENVIRONMENT: Pine and oak forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:

In discussion with the witness, Mr. C, the following additional information came to light and can be added to this report.

-Mr. C was engaged in troop training, controlling the movements of 20 soldiers, in the southern training areas of Fort Pickett.

-During this multi-day training event his troops reported three or four separate episodes of audible foot steps in the forest surrounding their secluded position.

-To avoid giving away their location, the troops did not break cover to investigate.

-During one training day three distinct wood on wood knocks rang out from the forest, in a direction where they confirmed no troops were deployed. The knocks were described as sounding like someone hitting a large tree limb against a tree trunk as hard as they could.

-Members of the unit immediately investigated the knocks but could find nothing. All team positions were confirmed verbally and visually. Everyone stated they were not the source of the knocks, and some thought it was the training controller trying to "mess with them".

-On the same day, one member of the training group conducted a two mile night hike. When Mr. C picked him up afterward, the troop swore that something followed him through the forest and then sat and watched him until he was picked up.

-To the best of Mr. C's knowledge, no other units were assigned to train in that training area.

-In the evening, after the wood knocks were heard, a radio report came across stating a bigfoot had been sighted by a soldier. This sighting occurred on range 15, far north of where Mr. C's troops were conducting their training.

This report is of significant interest because it corroborates nearby events reported just weeks later in report 29305. It was after Mr. C read this report that he took action to share his story. The BFRO is very interested in other possible sasquatch encounters in the vicinity of Fort Picket, and encourages anyone with similar experiences to submit a report at their earliest opportunity.

About BFRO Investigator D.K.:

D.K. is a business executive with an MS in Systems Engineering. Formerly a linguistic analyst, he applies his knowledge to the collection and study of sasquatch vocals and communication patterns. BFRO expeditions attended: Tennessee 2010, Pennsylvania 2011, Ohio 2012, West Virginia 2012 & West Virginia 2013