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Report # 3085  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 5, 2001.
Hiking deaf Boy Scouts have midday sighting near Cape Horn Lake

YEAR: 1980

SEASON: Summer


DATE: July 20

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Custer County

LOCATION DETAILS: The exact location of sighting occured close to the third lake from the Boy Scout Campground called Camp Bradley. There is a small trail that will take you to the first lake and onto the second lake and then into dense forest ground where a much smaller lake is, known as the third lake. The bigfoot sighting occured a little before the third lake.


NEAREST ROAD: Cape Horn Lakes Rd which runs E off Seafoam Guard Station Rd, which meets Idaho Highway 21 near mile marker 112.

OBSERVED: The sighting occured many years ago when I was in the boy scout, attending a big boy scout camp at Camp Bradley north of Red Fish Lake, Idaho. My group were mostly contained of deaf scouts. We represented the Gooding Troop #32. There were six of us including my brother who was the only hearing person that hung around with us. During our break time, at around noon time, we wanted to go out and explore some of the lakes around Camp Bradley. We were told not to go to the third lake, probably because it was too far and the trail was not maintained, etc. As curious and mischievous as we were we decided to go to all three lakes. We passed the first lake which was the main lake for the camp and then passed the second lake. We were heading toward the third lake and the trail got smalled and the forest became more densed. We were all signing in sign language, talking to one another at a different pace. Three of us, including myself out of six, saw this huge two-footed creature walk swiftly across the trail / path approximately 75 feet away, from our left to our right. The three of us that saw this creature stopped quickly and looked at eachother to see if we saw the same thing and if our eyes were not playing tricks on us. Just as soon as the three of us reacted in almost the same way, we all realized that it was really something. The other three that did not see walked a little bit further and stopped to see why the other three of us stopped walking. We immediately told them what we saw and what appeared to be a bigfoot. The other three looked at us as if we were joking or making things up. It was a bit of struggle for us to convince the other three but very shortly later they realized that we were really shakened up and frightened. They started to believe us. Some of us suggested that we hurry back to the camp but most of us wanted to see this bigfoot so we walked very slowly to the site where the bigfoot had crossed. We were visibly very nervous but we were also pretty gutsy kids at that time and we wanted to show our brave side but on the inside all of us were scared. Right when we figured where the bigfoot had crossed, we looked on the right side of the trail and saw a small meadow in middle of densed forest. We saw nothing. We walked maybe 30 to 50 feet further into the area but saw nothing. The three of us were still visibly shakened up as we tried to describe what the bigfoot looked like to the other three that did not see a thing. Between the three of us we had exactly the same description. The description is this tall, approximately 7 to 8 feet tall bigfoot was broad in weight but yet it was tall and agile. The most impressive figure was his legs which was massive and quick. The bigfoot did not look at us so we were not sure if he even knew we were there or not. He was focused on getting from point a to point b. It is possible that he'd have seen us before we saw him and figured he's got to get out of there quickly and focused on getting away. I do not know if the bigfoot had heard us and prompted itself to get away because most of us were deaf so we could not possibly know if we are being noisy or not. This happened so many years ago but the image in my head is so clear as I still remember exactly what I saw. I do not have any doubt that this creature is definitely a sasquatch species. What I saw in my eyes had exactly the same description as many other have described, brownish thick hair, tall and strong, walk on two feet almost like humans but it definitely was not a human and could not possibly be a human in an outfit because we were in middle of densed forest where one would not find any human activities for many weeks or even months. I say those things as God is my witness.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were six of us, all of us belonged in the same scout troop #32, Gooding Idaho. Five of us are deaf. My brother was the only hearing person in that group and he signs very well. Many times he would interpret for me and the group when participating in scout events. Only three deaf person, including myself saw exactly the same creature at the same time and the other three did not see it. We used sign language to talk to eachother so some of us were paying attention to eachother when communicating in sign language. That is probably why half of us saw this creature and the other half did not. Between the three of us that saw the bigfoot were visibly shakened up while the other three thought we were joking around. After the other three realized how badly shakened up we were they started to believe us. It was not possible for the three of us to come up with the same frightening experience at the same time without any previous planning and scheme. It was for real.

OTHER STORIES: Old Norm, the caretaker of Camp Bradley told many bigfoot stories but not very many people believed him. My father who was a scout master for the deaf school scouts during the 1970's met with this Old Norm and became good friends. He invited my dad and my family to his lodge at Camp Bradley one afternoon and showed us a cemented bigfoot's foot. He also showed us two polaroid pictures of bigfoots in densed forest area. He had numerous stories about bigfoot sightings in that area. My brother interpreted for my deaf family as best as he could. Old Norm appeared very serious and sincere about bigfoot. He was not being humorous. He was not trying to frighten us either. He just wanted us to believe him so that we can be careful around the area. Many scout program participants had different sightings and experience, too numerous for me to remember.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Day time at around noon time. It was seen in a very densed forest ground so the lights are slightly darker than normal open space day light. However there was enough light to see and know exactly what was in front of us. The weather was clear and prime time for summer camping.

ENVIRONMENT: There were pine trees all around us with occassional open meadow fields throughout the trail. The bigfoot was sighted when he walked across the trail between us and the lake, heading from our left to right. It took the creature less than a second or two to cross the trail. The specific area was flat in general, in middle of dense forest area.