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Report # 29441  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, June 13, 2011.
Possible nighttime sighting outside a home near Christopher Creek

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 1st week of

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Gila County

LOCATION DETAILS: I do not want the location posted online.

NEAREST TOWN: Christopher Creek

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 260

OBSERVED: I was staying in my trailer on my friends property, their house was just slightly uphill from where my trailer was parked.They only came up on weekends, because of this i was there alone most of the time.They had a motion sensor light on there porch that would turn on whenever anything would get close to the house. Numerous times it would turn on so after a while i started sneaking uphill to see what was triggering it. Being in the forest there I got to see all kinds of animals (elk,deer,fox,coyotes,etc.) without them seeing or smelling me because of the way the hill was I could peer over the crest unnoticed. One night the light went on, I was like cool lets see what animal is there this time. When i got to the top of the hill and peered over there was a giant human like silouette standing about 50 feet from me 20 feet from the house it howled/screamed/growled like nothing i ever heard before i turned and ran as fast as i could. I was terrified! What convinced me it was bigfoot was the size shape and sound later that week on tv an Oregon audio recording of supposed bigfoot was the sound i heard exactly. Im 100% convinced it was bigfoot.The following day i did look for prints but it was june and bone dry during fire season so i found nothing.


OTHER STORIES: Yes ive been told by some of the locals and old timers he's known as the Mogollon Monster which is also why i know it was bigfoot i saw and heard 100%

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 11pm dark and perfectly clear night.

ENVIRONMENT: Ponderosa Pine forest close to Christopher Creek (the actual creek of water).

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sandra M.:

I spoke by phone with the witness. The following details may be added to the above report:
• The back porch of the main house faces the forest and there was a large garbage can of dog food on the back porch. There was also a game trail in the forest behind the house. The witness’ trailer was in front of the house. The property is ˝ acre with the closest neighbor approx. 1/8 mile away. The witness regularly saw animals passing through and triggering the motion sensor light. There were elk and other animals almost every night. He lived there for about one year, but never saw another animal like this.
• Witness described the biped as upright, giant, and human shaped. When the witness crested the hill, the animal was on the side of the house and he saw its silhouette from the motion sensor light off the back porch. He believes the animal either saw him or smelled him, and let out a growl/howl type vocalization. He felt the vocalization was directed at him. No details of the animal could be seen due to the lighting situation and limited moonlight. During the vocalization, the witness saw the animal pivot toward the forest. He also turned and ran back to his trailer.
• The next morning he could not find a clear footprint due to the dry ground conditions; however he did find the foot pivot or scrape mark where the animal turned.
• No height comparison could be made due to distance, brevity of sighting, and lighting conditions, but the witness described the animal as bigger than a human.
• He compared the vocalization to one he had heard on an Oregon bigfoot TV show.