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Report # 2861  (Class A)
Submitted by witness D. Stewart on Friday, August 14, 1998.
Neighboring Dogs Bark When Loud Vocalizations Heard

YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 11

STATE: California

COUNTY: Siskiyou County

LOCATION DETAILS: Siskiyou National Forest, Gasquet, California near Highway 199.

OBSERVED: It was a loud piercing sound, that lasted approximately 22 minutes. These sounds were at 5 to 6 second intervals which lasted about 4 to 5 seconds each. At first there was one distinct sound, (screaming) but then there was an additional "voice" that was louder and screamed longer.

Each time the sounds would be heard, neighboring dogs would bark; then when the sounds stopped so did the barking. At the end of the 22 minutes (this occurred from 10:04 p.m. to 10:26 p.m.) it became extremely quiet and the barking also stopped. I have heard other sounds that weren't near as "scary" as these sounds were. These were almost like a Halloween movie sound!

Talked to the owners of the dogs, and they said their dogs were petrified after this incident. The dogs refused to come outside after hearing these sounds.


ENVIRONMENT: Extreme forest land, hills, steep terrain, uninhabited.