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Report # 28065  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 29, 2010.
Possible vocalizations heard while cleaning a deer near Florence

YEAR: 2008


MONTH: November

DATE: 26

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Florence County

LOCATION DETAILS: Specific directions omitted.



OBSERVED: I know it has been almost two years since this incident, but a friend of mine encouraged me to report the sound I heard in the north woods of Wisconsin.

After harvesting a whitetail deer earlier in the evening near my cabin, my father and I decided to transport the deer to a friends cabin about 6 miles northwest of our cabin to field dress the animal. We did this as we did not want the entrails to be left near our cabin for our dog or any other wildlife to pick through.

We arrived at the cabin about an hour after nightfall and I began to clean the deer. I was standing in a small ditch that runs off the back of the gravel driveway. Behind me is a dense pocket of evergreens and between myself and the cabin which is about 40 yards away was my father holding a flashlight and the truck also with its headlights in my direction. To my right was a small storage shed. Past my father is the driveway leading to the cabin and lining the outside of the driveway was a stance of evergreens which block my view of a small field with underbrush and small pockets of bushes. On the other side of the cabin is more open forest which is privately owned and surrounded by national paper land.

As I began cleaning the deer I heard a loud whoop come from just the other side of the cabin. The whoop was loud and became louder as it ended. Following that were three shorted whoops that were fairly similar to one another, but much sorter than the first. It did not last more than about 7 seconds and was calm again. What was so frightening about the sound was the purity and intensity of the sound, it felt as though it engulfed your entire body.

The sound frightened us so badly that my father and I both quickly returned to the truck, bloody knife and all and shined the flashlight in the general direction, it scared us enough that when I asked my father to drive up to the cabin to have a look he refused. After about 15 minutes in the truck I quickly finished the cleaning and we headed out of there, both pretty shaken up over what we had heard.

Now, I have been hunting in the north woods since I was 12 years old and I have heard some pretty odd sounds in my time, but this one was unlike anything I have ever heard. I have listened to coyotes and heard their strange screams and cries and have listened to many owls both up north and at my home, but I can honestly say they were nothing alike. I decided to post this after listening to the two first recorded sounds you have on the website and find them to be pretty close to the sound I heard, yet a bit different. Ever since I have told this story to my friend he has been fascinated by Sasquatch research and this site. With some research and encouragement fro him, I decided to finally add this sound. I realize it is hard to explain the sound, but I will never forget it and neither will my father.

ALSO NOTICED: We returned the next morning to search for evidence but found nothing. Mainly due to the light snow cover and the weeds and grass that cover most of the forest ground.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 witness my father who was holding a flashlight in my direction

OTHER STORIES: I have never heard anything like this in my entire life and I have been spending time outdoors since I was a young boy and have been hunting these woods since I was 12 years old.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 7pm Dark, chilly, clear night with no wind

ENVIRONMENT: Open forest with a few stances of evergreens lining the driveway and the food plot. 1acre open field with a small cabin and a corn feeder.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rob Lowery:

I interviewed this witness who is a student and volunteer fire fighter that has hunted the area with his family for several years and is much attuned to the different wildlife sounds in this area. He spent several hours listening to other wildlife vocalizations, including owls and coyotes, to match what he and his father heard. He could not match it to anything else but was able to closely match the vocalizations to both the ('73) Puyallup, WA and ('78) Snohomish County, WA recordings on the BFRO site.

Both he and and his father were visibly shaking from what they heard. The vocalization lasted approximately 10 seconds. He described the vocalization as either a "hooting" or "whooping" sound. I found this witness to be very credible and sincere with what he heard.

About BFRO Investigator Rob Lowery:

Rob Lowery is an Inspector in the Fire Service.

- Served 10 years in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Divison.

- Attended the 2009 WI Expedition, 2011 So. IL Expedition